Family Time

Last night we went to Ted’s little shindig, and let me just say that it was different. They had kegs and a DJ, that much was the same. About 10% of the people who showed were people that had been at previous parties, or were people from work who we knew. The guys who live there were present of course, and I manged to convince Howard to cruise over. The other 90% were a bunch of people seemingly no one knew. I talked with some of the regulars, and they had no clue who the people were. So it was a little different atmosphere, that wasn’t necessarily bad, just not as comfortable as usual. We ended leaving shortly after the kegs were drained, somewhere between 1 and 2, hitching a ride with Howard and his girlfriend. They chilled with us a little while at our house, but after they took off I passed out.

I woke up this morning at 10:30 with a slight headache. I ended up lounging around watching t.v. for a few hours (which I never do), and then decided we needed to get some grub. I called my Mom to see if she would drive me for a food run, and she agreed to it. We went to Quiznos (damn advertising made me hungry as hell) and grabbed some sangwiches, and then she wanted to go to Blockbuster to see about renting some movies. We went in as well, and I convinced her to rent The Reaping, and she also grabbed some other movie I was completely uninterested in. So we decided to go to her house to watch the movie with them.

We ate, bullshitted for a while, and then started the movie. It was really good, and I’d recommend watching it, particularly if you enjoy the supernatural/paranormal. After the movie we hung out for a bit more, and I helped her give her dogs a bath. Afterwards we came home, smelling like wet dog (hooray). It was a pretty nice afternoon, overall.

There’s been a lot of commercials on T.V. about the new next-gen game consoles, and I’m beginning to think it’s finally time to purchase one. I’ve owned quite a few consoles in my lifetime, but I’m never the type to go out and purchase a system right when it comes out. In fact, I’m a bit of a cheapskate, and I typically wait at least a year for the prices to come down, because I’m not made of money, and it’s not like they’re going anywhere. Anyhow, me and Gina were talking about which one we would want to buy, and I’m torn when it comes to making a decision. For the longest time, I’ve been content with just EQ2, and I only recently thought about computer upgrades so that I can play some of the newer games that are coming out, that just might stress my system. I still want to buy some upgrades, only because it would enhance my machine’s performance when it comes to EQ2. I recently found out that nearly all of the games that have interested me for the computer, I can get on the consoles, so I would be content with that. Initially, I was leaning towards getting the Wii, because even though I originally thought the wii-motes were retarded, the concept has grown on me. My friend bought one, and says it’s awesome, and I know that the games offered by Nintendo would be liked by Gina and the kids as well. But, the commercials for games that interested me most, were games either exclusive to the PS3 or Xbox 360, or ones offered on both.

The PS3 exclusives haven’t caught my attention. But the 360 ones have. Wii exclusives like mario sound great, but I know those are the types of games that have little to no replay value, and if I’m going to put out the money I want some replay. I can get Assassin’s Creed and Call of Duty 4 on both systems (two games I really want to try), but Mass Effect is exclusive to the Xbox. At this point in time, from the small amount of research I’ve done, the Wii seems to be the most expensive of the 3, along with being the hardest to find in stock. The PS3 is slightly higher priced than the Xbox, sitting at $400, while the 360 is only $350. Of course, the differing packages effect the price, but I’m leaning towards a 360, mainly because I know the Live feature is supposed to smoke the competition. And then there’s Halo 3, but the controversy surrounding that makes me think twice about desiring it. Regardless, I’m torn, but I’m coming closer to a decision.

I had a long drawn out conversation with Gina’s ex tonight, and I think some things got resolved. I made a proposition, and he accepted, and we’re going to have a sit down and straighten things out. I’m crossing my fingers that my mediation skills are good enough to fix things. It will make life for everyone involved a lot easier, and that’s a good thing.

That’s really all that’s going on. Until next time.