Thanks For Nothing…

So yesterday, it was Thanksgiving, as we all know (at least those of us living in the states). Me and Gina had everything prepared to take over to my Mom’s the night before. We were up pretty early on the big day, and got all ready and headed over to her house. Once we arrived, I helped Gina unpack all of the goodies, and helped with a little of the preparation. I knew that a Football game I wanted to watch was playing sometime that day, and when I found out that it was already almost half-time, I was a little irritated, but the fact that Green Bay was winning put me back in a good mood. I helped a bit more in the kitchen, and then went and watched the rest of the game once half-time was over.

Green Bay ended up beating Detroit, and are now 10-1. I was pretty happy about that, and I think they just might go all the way this year. It’s evident that Mr. Favre is kicking ass this season, especially with all of the records he’s smashed. I didn’t watch the following game, but I saw some highlights later and found out that Dallas won as well, bringing their record to 10-1 too. The big tie-breaker show down is next week, when the two teams go head to head. I’m hoping Green Bay blows them away, and will be sitting at 11-1, and will be in 2nd place overall in the league. The Patriots are the only undefeated team at this juncture, but hopefully there’s an upset somewhere. Regardless, if Green Bay and the Patriots end up going to the Super Bowl, it will be a repeat of the last Green Bay victory, so I’m not worried there.

After the game, I decided it was time to crack open a beer, and I went back and forth between eating hors d’oeuvres, smoking outside, helping with the food prep, and bullshitting with the family. My sister went to her boyfriend’s mom’s, so it was just me, Gina, the kids, my Mom, and my Step-dad. The house felt a little empty, but it was still a good time overall. The food was great, we had some good conversations, and eventually we were damn near passing out on the couch. Gina had to take the kids to meet their Dad later in the evening, and that’s when shit finally hit the fan. Can never have too much of a good time.

Gina came back inside after loading the kids into the car, and told me that the car wouldn’t start. I went out and messed with it a bit, but didn’t really feel too much like doing anything, so I went back inside to think about it. The kids’ Dad came to get them there, and after they left Gina came back in and we chilled for a bit. We thought it might be a problem with the battery, so Steve offered to jump-start it for us, and we gave that a shot. It didn’t work. So my Mom insisted on calling AAA and seeing what they could do for us. They tried to jumpstart the car as well, and came to the conclusion that it was the starter, and that they could come back in the morning to tow the car to the dealer. So I left my keys with my Mom, hitched a ride home, and we tried not to worry too much about it. John came over bearing gifts of liquor, and we played some cards and drank a bit. Eventually it got late, and John took off and we went to bed.

In the morning, Gina called the dealership to let them know what was going on with our car. They called back later and confirmed that our starter had taken a shit on us, and claimed it was a “manufacturer’s defect”. The warranty covered the part, but the unfortunate part was that thier distributor was closed today, so they wouldn’t be able to order the part until Monday morning, get it shipped over-night, and they would have the car done for us Tuesday afternoon. This was a little inconvenient, because that’s 4 days without a car, and we had plans for Saturday night (Ted’s throwing another party), and we have to get the kids on Monday morning. But, I should have expected something like this, because we haven’t gotten shit on in a while.

Gina called John and he agreed to let us borrow his truck to run some errands today. We needed to go pay Aaron’s, and go to Wally World to pick up a couple things for the house. I also picked up an FM modulator for my ipod, enabling play back in the car. Long story short, I ended up not liking the one from wal-mart, and it was returned, and I picked one up that worked much better from Radio Shack. I still think I may end up having to upgrade my stereo in the car though, for one that has a mp3 jack, making the need for accessories non-existant, along with bringing a superior sound quality. But that’s something that’s going to be saved for another day. For now, the FM deal will have to suffice.

I spent the rest of the night playing EQ2 after we got back from running our errands. I managed to snag a couple guildies into doing some of my final Fens quests, and got a few nice legendary rewards from the heroic ones (the only ones I hadn’t been able to solo effectively). I then tagged along with them into Kunzar Jungle; they offered to catch me up to them in that zone, and we’d move forward from there. They ended up bailing pretty early, and I continued with some quests there, and finished a couple collections. Many of the rare collection pieces from the Expert Recognition set have come down in price, so I finished up a few others as well. All in all, I ended up almost level 75, with 114 AA. I know I won’t be level 80 before my vacation is over, but I’ll be pretty close.

I have exactly one week of vacation left, and it’s beginning to suck having to think about going back to work. Later on today I have a party to go to at Ted’s, and then Sunday will most likely be recoup (and EQ) day. I have no plans after that, unless something comes up. We have a little bit of packing left to do, and starting Monday it’s crunch time. Packing, cleaning, painting, and yard work are all in my future. But hey, at least I’ll be in a nicer house, and we’ll have a room mate again. It will be nice to have a little extra money in my pocket. And that my friends, is about all I have for now. Pasta.