Xp Increase Varified

As was announced on the Official forums, and around the community, Kunark dungeons got an xp boost today. A couple days ago I got a pickup group in Karnor’s Castle, and let me tell you, the xp gain was quite a shock. I spent about 1 1/2 – 2 hours in there, and got about 2% xp. I did managed to finish a couple quests, and that made up the difference, but that should be a bonus. Anyhow, I manage to get into another KC group tonight, and let me tell ya, the difference was amazing. In about the same amount of time I gained about 20% xp, and I finished a couple more quests to boot. Also killed a couple named, though nothing good dropped. So that’s a pretty big boost, and I noticed a lot more life in the dungeons on my server as compared to previous nights. A good thing, for sure.

I did some questing in fens afterwards, and finished both of the language quests I spoke about in my last post. I’m very impressed with the language quests in this expansion. It’s nice to finish a collection, gaining xp/aa, and then getting another quest that gives more xp/aa. Not to mention the fact that the initial quests trigger another quest in what would be a 3 quest series, so it’s not bad overall. Plus, even though it’s fluff in a way, you learn more languages. The only downside to the Froak language quest, is that once you finish the series, the Froglok Jerome has his little sidekick Shorty follow you around, spewing out gibberish for quite a while, til he finally disappears. Annoying, but worth it in the long run I suppose.

I finished a few more quests in Fens, and I think I’m towards the end of some of the quest lines. I know that I was sent from Riliss to the Droga Exile camp, along with the Bellywhumper camp, and both of those quests weren’t finishable until I earned more faction with each camp. At this point I’m sitting at indifferent on the positive side with both, and at least with the Bellywhumpers, I’m not getting anymore quests, just a repeatable one that gives +250 faction a pop. So, aside from killing mobs that give faction hits, I’ll have to do that quest about 1,000 times to get the faction needed to purchase anything worthwhile from them. I’m already at max with Riliss, so any faction items I can purchase from them. I need about 30k with the Sarnaks, and quite a bit more with the Exiles. So getting status merch is going to be a pain. I suppose it’s not necessary though, so time will tell if I’ll go through the tedium.

With that discovered, I decided to work on some old quests in my journal. I still hadn’t picked up my final deity quest, so I did so, and headed to Castle Mistmoore to kill some vamps. Luckily, they were all white con or lower, and non-heroic in the entry room, so I just killed those, and finished my quest solo. I finally got my deity cloak, and with the newer gear from the expansion, I’d say I match pretty well now. Take a look:


After that I wanted to try and see if I could solo the Ivy-Shrouded line, to grab the earring, which is surprisingly still an upgrade (at least at this point). So I had to run all over the place for steps in the quest, and was doing pretty well. But then I ended up at the Necromancer portion, and he’s a 68^^^. I had trouble the the 65^^^ in New Tunaria, so I figured I’d try to get some help with the Necro. I had no luck with getting a group, so I logged. I have a few steps left in the quest, including killing the Necro, then going into OOB, then running around Kaladim and LFay, and then finally back to the dude in GFay, who I then have to kill. So I will try to get a group to finish that soon. Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving though, I’ll have to wait until the evening (when it’s hard to get groups), or wait until Friday. Guess time will tell what happens with that. Until next time.