The Norrathian Newbie #3 – Chests

Now I know what you’re thinking. This is a topic that anyone can figure out on their own, and I shouldn’t be wasting my time writing this up. But on the contrary, it’s hard to believe the amount of people who play this game, and still don’t realize what chests may be trapped, or went through the game not really paying attention, and not making the observations I’m going to point out. With that said, on with the show!

In Everquest 2, there are four distinct chest styles. Each having their own name, design, and contents. The four different types are: Small Chest, Treasure Chest, Ornate Chest, and Exquisite Chest. Each chest is randomly filled with some sort of loot, though you’ll never know what’s inside until you open it. But wait! Before you open that box, did you disarm the possible trap, waiting to hurt you and your friends? Do you even have a scout class in your group, the only archetype that has the disarm skill? Didn’t think ahead did you?

Not all chests are created alike. They vary in size, shape, and visual texture. Each distinct type pulls loot from separate loot tables, and though all types have a % chance to drop from any mob in the game, each drops more commonly from certain mob strengths. The loot inside tends to be better depending on the difficulty of the mob, but I’m sure you probably guessed that. Even the traps placed on the chests are randomly selected from what seems to be an endless supply of torturous ideas. Here is a break down of what you can expect from each of the chests, but don’t think that I have all the answers.

A Small Chest: This is the most commonly dropped chest in the game. Who knows how the clever little creature you so triumphantly smited was hiding that thing from you, apparently it was craftier than you first thought. Small chests are made of wood, and per their namesake, are quite small. Small chests typically contain advanced tradeskill books, but are also known to drop quest starters and sometimes other items of use. In the Kingdom of Sky expansion, they also contain precious jewels used in the creation of “relic gear”, fabled items whose patterns drop in KoS raid zones. Small chests are never trapped, so any class can open them without worry, though scouts are still encouraged to disarm them, as they still provide practice, and practice = skill. Small chests will drop off of any creature in the game, but don’t expect named mobs to waste their time with such worthless treasures.

A Treasure Chest: Treasure chests are wood as well, though the framing is made of metal. These chests drop off of any creature in the game, including named (especially if they’re being cheap). Treasure chests are always trapped, though more often than not the trap will not trigger when the chest is opened. It is still wise for scouts to attempt to disarm these traps, but most times even if they fail, the trap will fail as well. Traps can range from single target damage spells to AoEs, and sometimes debuffs. Treasure chests primarily drop Adept 1 spells at random (usually within a few levels of the mob), and Treasured gear (weapons, armor, jewelry). Rarely the gear is no-trade, sometimes it’s lore (meaning you can only have one of that particular item in your possession at a time), and most often it’s junk you will sell to the vendor for a small bit of cash.

An Ornate Chest: When you start progressing away from solo content and make your way into a dungeon, you will start to find named mobs (most named mobs in the overworld carry treasure chests). Soon, you will stumble upon an Ornate chest. These chests are made of stone with metal hinges. Ornate chests are always trapped, and unless the scout you’ve brought along with you has skill when it comes to traps, the trap will go off, and they are usually more dangerous than the traps on treasure chests. Ornate chests can contain legendary gear (no-trade or lore), Adept 1s, quest items, and harvest rares (for making master crafted gear). When these chests pop up, take care not to roll on something you can’t use, especially if it’s no-trade, unless an FFA (free for all) is called. There is nothing that will get you a bad reputation faster than rolling on things you can’t use. If you want to continue to get groups to get better gear, make sure to pay attention to your rolls.

An Exquisite Chest: The mother of all chests, large, metal, and beautiful. You can almost hear the “cha-ching” when one of these bad boys open. Always trapped as well, and only carried by named mobs (though a very small % chance to drop off of trash), you had better bring a scout that is very skilled at disarming, or you will hurt after the initial “cha-ching” wears off. Exquisite chests drop the very best loot, including Fabled, Legendary, and Master 1 spell upgrades. More often than not, excluding the Masters, the gear will be no-trade, so again, take care with your loot rolls. As a rule of thumb, group instances/dungeons’ exquisite chests will drop legendary gear, and raid exquisites will drop fabled. Both will drop masters, though even the instance chests have some fabled gear in their loot tables. Needless to say, when hunting named in a dungeon, these are the chests you want to see. And when wandering out in the open and seeing one of these drop, you’ll damn near have a heart attack. Take note though, at least from what I’ve seen, these chests are almost a once in a lifetime drop off of trash mobs, and they will only contain masters in those instances when they do.

Points to remember: Always bring a scout to disarm your chests. Always wait for leader’s call for FFA before rolling on no-trade loot, unless it’s something that you need. And no this doesn’t mean for your alt if it isn’t no-trade. If you don’t have a scout to disarm your chests, DO NOT loot mid-battle, and if you are low on hp after the fight, make sure to regen before opening the chest to save your comrades from trap-deaths. But most importantly, have fun!

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  1. You are a very clear writer !

    Even though I played this game since launch, I learned a few things from your writeup; then again, I play so much of this game against grey mobs I can be excused (I hope) from not knowing all the mechanics of chests.


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