It’s finally here! All of the waiting is over. My vacation starts now.

I don’t have to go back to work for 19 days. December 2nd is the day I have to go back to work, but that’s so far away, I’m not even thinking about it.

Relatively speaking, I have no plans. I believe I went over this in an earlier post, but it’s worth going over again (at least to me). Later today, RoK is released (more on this in a minute), but otherwise I have no plans. Tomorrow, I turn 25. I’ll be a quarter of a century old. But I don’t really feel that old… yet. I’m due to go to my mom’s for dinner, and then afterwards I’m going to try to find a way to have some drinks to celebrate, and hopefully on the cheap. Later this week, on Saturday, my Dad is coming for a visit, and that will be nice since it’s been damn near a year since I’ve seen him face to face (though we talk regularly in-game). I have nothing planned with him yet, but I’m hoping we can go do something, maybe dinner, maybe a movie. Otherwise, just catch up stuff.

I have nothing else planned until Turkey Day, in which we’re supposed to go to my mom’s but Gina is doing all of the cooking. I know it will be good, it’s one of my favorite holidays, mainly because of the food. In between and after, I’ll just fill in. I’m sure Everquest will be a constant, and some social stuff too. Gina was recently reunited with a long time friend through myspace, and she wants me to meet her. I’m sure that will happen sometime in there, and I’m hoping they don’t think I’m an ass.

I have one spot of bad news, but it only effects me. Unfortunately I didn’t have the money to pre-order RoK, but I thought I’d have the money to buy it on release day. I don’t. So I’m not going to be one of the people checking out the new content later today. Nor will I be checking it out tomorrow. I get paid on Thursday, so that’s when I’ll be able to buy it, unless some miracle happens between then and now. So I’m a bit bummed about that. I guess in the meantime, I’ll try to level to 70, by any means possible, so that I’m prepared when I do get the expansion. The part that is going to be a challenge is getting groups to work on T7 content, when everyone is worried about T8 for the next few weeks. With any luck, some people will be playing their mains who are in the 60s, who are new to the game and aren’t quite ready for RoK content. Or, maybe there will be some people like me, who didn’t get the expansion just yet, and will want to do class gear runs and whatever.

Last night I tried to get started on the Ivy-shrouded line (going for the earring), but I was unable to solo the first named, so I got stuck. A Paladin was starting a COV run, and I went along and we managed to get a full group (surprising at that time of day). But, once we got to the second named, the tank managed to pull the whole room on him, died, and as a result we wiped. He then said something about having a “RL problem”, and logged. So we were all stuck with an unfinishable instance, and an 18 hour lockout, for nothing. I’m going to try to get something else done right now, before the servers come down. Wish me luck.

So with that, I’m off. More vacation adventures to come, I promise.

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  1. LOL, I hate Thanksgiving sometimes. Now that both of our parents are in Texas, it’s a madhouse running all over Texas trying to accomodate each side of the family. But the end of the day I feel like I’ve worked a 40 hour week.


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