The Weekend in Everquest (11/10/07)

I have had a blast this weekend, making more progress than I thought would be possible given the feelings explained last post.

I started out on Friday, by loading up my Brigand and heading into the Barren Sky. I had hopes to go into the Nest of the Great Egg, to get the next step in Hoo’loh’s finished. My old roommate was on, and he agreed to help, so we gathered a few others and headed into the zone. We blew through it quick too, and shortly after starting, it was already cleared. I convinced most of that group to go to Den of the Devourer with me, so we could kill the Ravasect Queen, and I could finish Grizzfazzle’s Errands. We ran through that zone in no time at all either, and I managed to grab the Dark Chitin Ring off of the Queen. By this time, I dinged 66, and was somewhere around 90 AA or so. After turning in the quest, I also pulled away with Grizzfazzle’s Dirk, a great improvement over the xegonite rapier I was wielding. Alas, my progress was stalled at this point, real life got in the way as it tends to do, and I didn’t log back in for the rest of the night.

Today, was a different story. I played for a whole hell of a long time, getting a bunch of shit done. My goal for the day was to finish Hoo’loh’s, so I decided to try and get a group going starting on the blood collection portion of the quest. This step is the longest in the quest, taking you to Sanctum of the Scaleborn, Palace of the Awakened, and finally, the Halls of Fate. I didn’t get any bites at first, and I saw a group that was heading into Obelisk of Blight, so I tagged along with them. It was a good run, one of the better ones I’ve seen, with all of the named dropping ornate chests (though no exquisite). The first named dropped the Dark Linger, which was an upgrade for me, and I managed to snag it. Later on, another named drop the Necklace of Shadowy Strikes, also an upgrade, and I also won it. The Evil Eye named dropped the Tunic of Dual Thought (I believe that’s what it was called) and I rolled on this as well, but lost out to the Swashbuckler in group. The final mob dropped my class boots (McCabb’s Double-Dealing Boots), and I managed to out roll the Swash on those. After the run I was able to equip the dagger, but I needed another level for the necklace, and 3 for the boots. Still, and excellent run. I may go back for the tunic tomorrow, but otherwise I don’t really need anything from there.

Afterwards, I decided I would go back to trying to get a group for Hoo’loh’s. Still no bites. So, I headed into SoS to see if I could maybe get the first update myself. As luck would have it, I could stealth my way to where the mobs were that I needed, and I could handle them one at a time solo. It only took two, and I got my update, and was on my way. I tried for a group again, this time for PoA. No luck. I consulted the friend’s list, and chatted with a few, and managed to snag a group that was heading into HoF, still a place I needed to go for the quest.

They were working on a quest from the claymore line to grab some books within the zone. I told them I needed Hoo’loh updates, and they were happy to lend a hand in exchange for mine. Sure enough, we ended up clearing the zone, and I managed to get all of my updates needed. After parting ways, I still needed to go to PoA, and I wasn’t ready to call it a night until I did so. I hit up the guild, and eventually got a few guildies that weren’t raiding to come along. We ran through the zone pretty quickly, killing a few named and getting to the room where the mobs I needed were. We killed a couple and I got my update, but stayed and killed the Dragon in the room as well. No good drops, but at least I finished my quest.

Or so I thought. I forgot about the last remaining step. Hoo’loh sends you back into the Nest with a Vultak disguise. At least I didn’t need a group to finish it. So I went in, did what I had to do, and came back out, and finally got my Thuggish Hat. How do I look?


After all was said and done, I am now sitting halfway through level 67, and I have 94 AA. If only I had another week before the release of ROK, I’d be 70/100 like I had planned. Oh well.