Pre-Release Blues

It’s unfortunate that it has to be this way.

Before any expansion in an MMO, people in general seem to get bored. Those of us who are still trying to be goal oriented are getting the short end of the stick, since we can’t seem to get groups due to everyone taking breaks before the release. ROK comes out in just four days, and I’m excited as hell. It seems from what I’ve read here and there, people are excited too. But for those four days in the meantime, it seems that some people are irritated that there isn’t anything new to do; their anxiousness is getting the best of them, causing them to log out and find something else to do. Maybe it’s just me that has something to do, since I was trying to get a second character to level 70 before the expansion.

My progress has slowed. Earlier tonight I finally hit level 65, and also got my 88th achievement point. The negative: I’ve cleared all of the soloable content in tier 7. The positive: I’m getting close to being able to start up the instance routine, which should net me my final few AA. I most definitely won’t be getting to level 70 before ROK is released, and I’m sad about that. I had hoped to be 70/100, and get a bit of the EOF gear going, maybe even some raid stuff. Those dreams are gone now, as I will most likely be 66 or 67 upon the 13th.

Another negative aspect to new content being released, is that the old content will be forgotten for a few weeks, until people get bored and fall back onto alts again. Of course, there will be new characters started in Timerous Deep, and that will bring more up-and-coming toons into the fray, but by the time they are high enough to want to do EOF instances, I’ll be level 80 and grinding out shit up there. So it’s a double negative around release times.

Picture it as a buffer zone, padding around the release day. Two weeks before release, people get bored and find something else to do. Two weeks after, people are finally bored with the new content and want to play alts or whatever. I guess I just didn’t work hard enough, or I picked a bad time to try to level up an alt. Though I know that I could be further along, already 70 even. But I took my time, and now I will have to go into the new content below level 70, or I will have to just grind my way to it, having been left behind by my peers.

My Dad is optimistic. He thinks that the new players, who aren’t playing alts but rather playing their mains who are around my level at the current time frame, will still want to get shit done on the road to kunark. I’m not so optimistic about this. I have a feeling a lot of the toons that I’m playing with at my level are actually alts, just like mine. I could instead play my Paladin on release day, and level him up to 80 first, and be neck and neck with the “cool crowd” who started out on day one leveling up. But then I’ll end up in the same boat I was, not getting into raids, and wishing I had a capped alt that would. So I know that my Brigand is going to 80 first, and I’ll play the Paladin in my downtime (when I have lockout timers or whatever).

For the next two days I’m off, and then I work two days, and then it’s ROK release day and the start of my vacation. It’s awesome having release day off, though I’m less excited than I would be if my Brig was already level 70 and truly prepared for the new adventures. So anyway, for the next couple days, I’m going to try and devote as much time as possible to my Brig, and hopefully get him some gear and levels. I’m on the Nest stage of Hoo’loh’s, and I need to go into Den of the Devourer for Grizzfazzle’s Errands. If I could finish up both those quests, I would probably get a couple AA at least, and maybe level 66. Then I should be able to grab an Obelisk of Blight group or something. Will be nice to finally get into the EOF instance grind. Sunday is bonus xp day again, and though I have to work, I’m going to try to take advantage of that during the day. Hopefully I’ll get some stuff done over the weekend, but real life tends to get in the way…