Preparations are being made

My vacation is coming very soon. I have 7 work days left, and then I’ll be off for 19 days. Simply put, I can’t fucking wait.

My vacation plans have varied for the last 6 months (yes, I requested it 6 months ago, and have had to count down that long). Ininitally, I had no plans. Then me and my lady had planned on getting married and having our honeymoon during this time. But her Dad, who offered to pay for everything wedding related, flaked out on the dough. So we’ve pushed the date back to March 1st next year, and are going to use portions of our tax returns to do it. Then we toyed with ideas of different trips, and other crap, and at the moment, I have very little plans for the vacation.

The day it starts, ROK is released for EQ2, and I know I’ll spend the first day playing that and checking things out. The second day of vacation is my birthday, so I’m sure I’ll end up going around visiting relatives and receiving gifts (which is always a good thing). I think I’ll end up getting drunk that day as well, but we’ll see. Then I really don’t have any plans until Thanksgiving, in which Gina is supposed to prepare all of the food over at my Mom’s house. Sometime my Dad is supposed to come out and visit, and I’m sure we’ll have some fun while he’s out. The filler in between will probably involve lots of everquest and possibly some beer. I’m not entirely sure how it will turn out, but I know that I’m excited as hell to not have to work for half a month, and to get paid for it.

The most important thing I have to do though, is pack, and get things taken care of for our move that’s happening the last day of my vacation, December 1st. We already put money down to secure our new house, a 3 bedroom on the same side of town. We don’t have to move everything, as much of our furniture was purchased (or is still being paid for) from Aaron’s, and they require that they move the furniture for you. So that takes care of most of the living room, and my bed. But, we still have the kids room and some odds and ends that we will have to take care of ourselves. I’m going to try and get John’s (our new roommate to be) help with the move, as he has a pickup, and I don’t really want to spend the money on a U-haul again. We’ll also probably have to help move his stuff out of his apartment, but he has slightly less to move (but god damn I hate carrying shit down steps). So I will be sporadically packing, organizing, and getting shit done for the move over my vacation. But it will be well worth it, and at least I don’t have to rush.

This weekend thus far has been pretty chill. Yesterday during the day I did a bunch of grinding in Sanctum of the Scaleborn with my Brigand, and I managed to gain almost his whole 61st level there. Got an AA ding, and then after the group broke up, I headed to Barren Sky and continued on some quests, and then to Loping Plains to finish up some others. I ended up hitting 62, and gaining my 81st AA before calling it a night. My brig is now looking very cool in his full suit of Xegonite chainmail armor, and I’m excited to see how it affects his dps.

After camping out, me and Gina went out to eat with Ted and Tyler, and then headed back over to their house. We stopped and grabbed a couple six packs of beer (wasn’t trying to get smashed) and then got to drinking and hanging out. They had the Laker game on, but we listened to music and played guitar for a while. Ted is really good, and was attempting to teach Tyler a thing or two. Tyler was pretty good too, having played Bass for a number of years. I tried to learn some things, and I still really want to get a guitar. I really wish I wouldn’t had sold the guitar I had years ago. Ted let us borrow season 6 part 2 of The Sopranos, and we’re planning on watching some of that tonight.

Today we went to Target so I could pick up a copy of Spider-man 3, and the new Avenged Sevenfold album. Overall, I was impressed with the album. Their first two discs are still better than their new style, at least in my opinion, but this album is definitely better than their last effort, City of Evil. It’s a lot harder, and has some better sounds throughout. We ended up purusing through the store for a while, checking out some house stuff that we’d like to get like dishes and whatnot. I also noticed that they carry guitars there, and was suprised at the prices. They had the same Fender strat pack that I purchased years ago, though I paid $350 for mine, and it was only $200. They also had an acoustic guitar that was only $100, and I think that might be what I end up buying sometime very soon. I really want to start learning to play, just for fun.

Later we went to Wal-mart to get “movie food”, and that is being prepared at the moment. I’m going to go vegetate, watching The Sopranos, and grubbing on some pizza and hot wings. So I’ll be back at a later date. Pasta.