T7, and playing a healer

As of a few minutes ago, my Brigand dinged level 61.

Last night was my official first night in Tier 7. It’s nice to finally be there. A few nights ago, when I had just dinged 58, I spent some time doing the easy quests in TT, and so I decided I would continue down that path. I managed to finish off all of the quests aside from Claymore ones, and then decided to check on EQ2i where to go next. Turned out that Barren Sky and the Loping Plains, the other upcoming T7 zones, seemed to be a bit too high for me, with quests starting around level 62. So, I decided to do a little grinding.

Let me say, that questing beats the hell out of the experience grind. I was pelted with flashbacks of grinding endless levels on EQ1, and I seriously hate killing shit with no direction. But, I stuck it out, and spent my entire 59th level in the Breeding Grounds, eventually leveling to 60. I spent part of the time solo, part of the time with a random player that happened to be in the area, and the end of the level with my Dad’s healer friend, who helped me get my level. Once it was over, I was glad (though the loot was good, especially while soloing), and I decided to head over to Barren Sky to see what I could get done.

To my surprise, even though the quests were still yellow, they were easily solo-able, and I burned through 5 or 6 of them in no time. After this, there were orange quests available to me, and I know that these would be a bit risky, so I decided to look elsewhere for “work”. I remembered that I had never picked up my 4th Deity quest, and also that I was getting to the level range to hop inside Kaladim to grab the Bugbear L&L. So I was off to Butcherblock to grab those. I finished the L&L, but the Deity quest was a little unattainable solo, so that will have to wait. It was getting late at this point, and I hit the hay.

Today, I decided to go check out the Loping Plains. I was only about 40% into the level, but I figured that I could get somewhere in a few hours, and sure enough I did. I knocked out nearly 10 quests, including the warg line, and I even managed to finish a collection. All in all, I ended up getting to level 61 and I hit 79 AA, so a decent night.

As I mentioned last post, I had played a little bit of EQ with Gina on Saturday before we ended up going out. A while back, we were playing a Bruiser duo. But aside from not wanting to play another tank to level 70, I also just don’t like brawlers too much. One Brawler in particular irritates the shit out of me, but I won’t go into that, again. Anyway, I suggested that I roll a healer, and that Gina just mentor me with her Bruiser, at least until I caught up to her. So I rolled a Dark Elf Fury, and played him to level 10. On Saturday, I managed to get him all the way up to level 18, with 11 or so AA, and I had a blast playing him. Honestly, I can’t figure out how anyone could be a bad healer, aside from having crappy reaction time. Otherwise its simple, really. Spam heals and cures, nothing much else to it, besides timing. And as a fury, who is designed to dps more than heal, you throw out some direct damage or DOTs in between heals. I’m sure I’ll have more input about the subject of heals in the future, but for now, it’s easy. Nuff said.

One thought on “T7, and playing a healer

  1. I adore playing healers. I have my 70 Templar, and a Shaman in t3 and a druid in t4. Just LOVE healing. I am not a leader at all – I love being a support class. However, I love my monk girl for running around and doing stuff solo.

    IMHO things change a lot once you get to slightly higher lvls and it is harder for healers to solo stuff – but you have fantastic company with a bruiser companion there – that sounds like fun 🙂

    You are lucky that you will have a regular companion and so you will get to know what your tanks limits are, and when you need to pull out all stops and heal like the blazes, or when you need to pull back for aggro controll. That is what makes a good healer IMHO.


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