The End of T6

It’s been a while since I’ve made a post about my progress with my Brigand, and I figured it was overdue.

I’ve spent the past couple weeks leveling in the Desert of Flames expansion. Currently, Izlain is sitting about halfway through level 58, and just got his 75th Achievement point. I’ve noticed that going through the game again has given me a chance to explore areas I hadn’t before, and knowing exactly where to go for things has helped me to maximize AA gain. EQ2i is another great resource that I didn’t even know about the first time around. I primarily used ogaming, which is now allakhazam’s, and it’s lacking to say the least.

So aside from completing the entire Sinking Sands and Pillars of Flame timelines, I also had the chance to hit up Hidden Cache, Clefts of Rujark, and Living Tombs. I also finished the carpet quest, and it’s nice moving at a better speed. I’m not bothering with Peacock, nor did I care to venture into Silent City. I did however, journey into Shimmering Citadel, and just tonight finished the final quest for access into Poet’s Palace. I’ve had a great little trio throughout my adventures in DOF. My Dad has had a Berserker since EOF release (a fae, who is now lvl 59), and he has a friend who plays a Warden (58 as well). The three of us finished many of the quests that we had along the way to the end of T6.

The only thing remaining is to head inside Poet’s (which we didn’t get to tonight), and grab up the scarabs for the music box quest, and then I’m done with DOF. I may have to touch back during my downtime to work on Ashen Order (for the “Ebon Dragon” title) and Court (Coin) faction, but otherwise I’m done with DOF.

I did move onward to one Kingdom of Sky zone earlier in the day, Tenebrous Tangle. I just hit up solo quests in an effort to pass some time. I’m going to try and have the easy quests done tomorrow, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to avoid Claymore, just as I did Peacock. The long drawn out questlines have never really appealed to me, but with ROK around the corner, and epic weapons coming with it, the old signature series are pretty much pointless. Not to mention I can’t afford to waste the time, as I would like to be 70 before ROK, and i have under 3 weeks to make 11 1/2 levels. I know it can be done, but my time is limited. I’m figuring I’ll be between 68-70 by release. Hopefully 70, but I’m not positive.

The part I’m excited about is running around the T7 instances and grabbing up my set gear, along with other goodies. And of course, raiding is high on my list of “to-dos”. It’s been a long journey, though shorter than last time. The pay-off should be better this time around, and I’m eager to get a taste.

3 thoughts on “The End of T6

  1. When I first decided to come back to EQ2 about 6 and a half weeks ago, I set a goal for myself that I would attempt to reach level 70 by the time Kunark came out. Of course, at the time, I thought the release date was Nov 22.

    I’ve done fairly well I think… until this week anyway. I leveled up to my current level of 46 and didn’t skip too much content along the way. I didn’t spend as much time in dungeons as I wanted to, but I did hit most of them at least once.

    I got my first taste of DoF Sunday night and, I have to say, I am looking forward to spending some more time in this expansion. It looks to be very well done. I need to get over this 46 hurdle first though as all of the quests I can currently get in DoF are yellow or harder. As a dirge who solos most of the time, yellow con mobs are slightly beyond my ability.

    I am a bit hindered in some areas as I don’t have a group to work with through the big quests and harder mobs and my luck with pick up groups can only be described as disasterous. However, I do have a good friend that I met years ago during my earliest days in EQ1 who helps me out tremendously when he can. So, I am often late to the game on many quests and advetures, but I do eventually get them done… with his help.


  2. I have heard it said that in order to complete the epic questline for RoK that you need to have completed Claymore and the Legendary portion of Swords of Destiny.

    Can anyone else confirm or deny this?

    Happy hunting all.


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