Release Day Thoughts

I got up bright and early (well, not early for most, but early for me) today and headed to my favorite record store in town, Cool Cat. I scoured the shelves looking for the cds I wished to purchase, and when I couldn’t find them, I asked the woman behind the counter, the owner, if she had the cds in question.

 She told me she had just gotten in her shipment, and hadn’t even opened the boxes yet, and happily dug through them to find the cds I wanted to purchase. Of course, there were two versions of each, and she gave me the break down of what each contained, along with pricing.

No World For Tomorrow had a “stripped” version, just the cd in a sleeve, that the website advertised as a “bargain”. Also, the “deluxe” version, containing a booklet with lyrics/art, and a bonus DVD with various shit I have yet to check out. Of course, I opted for the deluxe version, but oddly enough it was only $2 more than the stripped, which stuck me as a boo-boo on her part, but I didn’t complain. I ended up with the two-disc set for only $14.99.

Serj Tankian’s album also had a deluxe version, which I was unaware of. This one I did not purchase, because not only was it a hefty $25, but it only had a bigger booklet, and 4 additional songs (a couple of which were just acoustic versions of songs present on the album). Not really a deal, so I spent the $15 for the regular version, and boned out of there.

Now I had already listened to the new Coheed album on myspace, but nothing compares to listening to a cd for the first time in your car. Especially when you have a system. The clarity of a cd is so much better than the crap you can hear on myspace. So I bumped that in the car, and listened to it at home, and listened to it some more while I was at work, and I think the album is awesome. There are alot more “hard” moments in the record, most notably on “No World For Tomorrow”, “Gunslingers and Gravemakers”, and “The End Complete”. There are a couple slow songs of course, and these are well done; I enjoy these more than “Always & Never” and “Wake Up” from their last album, or “The Light & The Glass”, from IKSSE:3. Overall, the band has progressed in a way that is much appreciated, taking on an even different form, which they have continued to do each time they make a new release. The new drummer, whose name escapes me, but is the ex-drummer from Dillinger Escape Plan, is awesome; he puts the last drummer to shame. He’s much more technical, and man I love double bass.

Serj’s album was one of those albums you have to give a couple spins before you know where to place it. “Empty Walls” and “The Unthinking Majority” are instant hits, and I like those still, but the rest of the cd varies between awesome and just plain weird. I’m not going to make any severe judgements at this point in time, because I’m sure that all the songs will grow on me and then I’ll regret having said something negative. Overall, it sounds like another SOAD album, in Hypnotize/Mesmerize fashion.

Nevertheless, I would encourage Co&Ca fans to pick up the album, you won’t regret that. And to you SOAD fans, give Serj’s solo effort a try. There are at least a couple gems there that are worth a couple bucks.