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Next Tuesday is going to be an awesome day for music.

Not only does Coheed & Cambria’s latest, “No World For Tomorrow” come out, but also Serj Tankian (Of System of a Down) is releasing his solo project, “Elect the Dead”. I’ve been a fan of SOAD for a long time now, and this new effort is essentially a new record from them, minus the other band members (his page states that the drummer lends a hand on a couple songs, but that Serj did most of the music himself, playing nearly every instrument). I’m excited to hear something new from him, as his music has always been nothing short of great.

Back to Co & Ca. You can now listen to the album in its entirety on their myspace. The album can be described in one word: EPIC. This is easily the most important release of the year, bringing rock, I mean real rock, back to the mainstream. Fuck all the boy bands with instruments, fuck the poppy 80s style bands, fuck the dime-a-dozen nickelback wanna bes. This is the way music was meant to be played, and I don’t feel any regret in saying these words. Most people who click that link and give a listen, will most likely turn it off, and crawl back to their lame excuses for music. The band is something I like to refer to as genius.

So yeah, check out the new album. I’ll be up bright and early Tuesday morning picking it up. Or maybe I’ll just pre-order it, and get a t-shirt to boot. I’m leaning towards the latter.

Last Tuesday was a great day for movies. I went to Wally World after work and picked up a copy of Transformers, and Planet Terror. I have yet to watch the former, but the latter was one of the best cheese-dick action flicks I’ve seen in a long time. Hot women, fighting, explosions, lots of BBQ sauce, and even the effect of the film being extremely old (cigarette burns etc.) were all present. I won’t give anything away, but it’s definitely a must see for action fans, and particularly zombie film fans. I’m sure Transformers will be awesome too, and I do plan to get around to watching that sometime during my days off.

As an added bonus, Planet Terror contained a coupon for $5 off of “Deathproof”, Quentin Tarantino’s latest film. The two were featured as “Grindhouse”, a double feature while they were in the theaters. The two directors (Tarantion on Deathproof, and Robert Rodriguez on Planet Terror) have worked together on many projects in the past, including Sin City (Rodriguez directed, but Tarantino directed some bits), the “Desperado” flicks, and others I’m sure. I didn’t really realize this in the past, but did a little research and it makes sense that they ended up doing this project together. There’s also a little snippet at the beginning of PT; a preview of a movie called “Machete”, that IMDB lists as “in production”. When I first saw this, I just thought it was a little spoof, kind of like the commercial within Jackie Brown. But if IMDB has some info on it, it must be Rodriguez’ next film, and I hope these guys keep up with this style, and the Grindhouse label. It’s good shit. Nonetheless, I’m going to pick up a discounted copy of Deathproof soon.

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  1. Good post here – another Co&Ca enthusiast!!

    First of all, I’m a HUGE Coheed fan. I’ve been listening to this album for a couple days now, and damn – it’s great. Every song on the album brings a unique sexy – just like every other Coheed album. I have a few thoughts that I’ve posted in this thread:


    Also, I’m looking forward to Serj’s album too. =)


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