Game Update #39

GU #39 brings a few interesting things to the table. I’ll go over the most important changes.

The Shard of Fear:
It’s been argued already that this zone should have been released earlier, or held off until after ROK’s release. I think I agree. People have been crying for new content for some time now, Unrest being the last zone added for high level characters. Now, only a month from ROK, they’re adding a new level 70 zone. But why? It will only be used by capped toons for a month, and then they will be on to bigger and better things. Sure, new players will be able to check it out on their way to the new level cap, but overall, the zone will become unused unless someone is new or leveling an alt. Maybe they could increase the level of the zone to 80 after the release of ROK to keep some of it’s re-usability, but this is unlikely. So we have something new to toy with for a month, and then it’s on to ROK, and level 80.

The “relinquish” feature on housing has been removed. No longer do you have to manually remove all of your house items, move them to your bank, and then relinquish the house. Then buy the new house, and move all the items from your bank to your new pad. Nor do you have to buy lunch for the players who helped you move it all, that or gas money. Why couldn’t they have done this sooner? No one wants to move in a virtual world. It’s bad enough doing it in the real world, why carry that over to your “escape” from life? And why couldn’t they have done that before most of us moved to bigger and nicer houses? I wasted good hours of game play doing so…

Guild Banks:
The ability to grab any number (up to a full stack) of items out of the bank, and having this stack count as only 1 item towards your withdrawal limit is a very nice change. I hated trying to grab a stack of food and drink, and only being able to get 10 of one or the other. What a pain. The customization of the bank tabs is a nice touch too, though less notable.

UI Changes:
The addition of a “debuff” window that is separate from the “buff” window is a neat new feature. One downside is that it’s one more window to clutter your screen, but for those of you with huge monitors it won’t be a big deal. For me, it’s clutter, but as long as clutter is useful, I’m ok with that. Anyhow, the ability to see what debuffs are running on a mob is a very useful tool. I know that my window was never big enough with both buffs and debuffs, and this will help, especially on my Brigand.

Overall, it was a decent update. I’ll have to check out the Shard of Fear this weekend, and will report what I find. For the full update notes, click here.

One thought on “Game Update #39

  1. Having just recently returned to EQ2 after only playing it right at launch, I have never had to actually go through the pains of moving. My 1 room inn room is rapidly filling up, however, so I was very relieved when I was told how easy moving is these days.

    Still, I remember what a pain moving could be. For the longest time in SWG, if you wanted to move your house, you had to unpack everything and then move the house. For people like me, who had multiple houses all filled with 200+ items, moving was an ordeal. Sony eventually introduced a house packup feature that allowed you to just pick up your house fully decorated and move it to another location.

    Little conveniences like these can sure make a huge difference to people and I am glad to see that Sony is both recognizing and addressing them.


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