One step closer

Last night I made some more progress with my Brigand. He hit level 52, finally.


Here he is, proudly wearing his new suit of Cobalt armor, along with wielding new cobalt weapons, a karabela and tomahawk. I also upgraded a few of his jewelry pieces, but the selection on the broker was slim and the prices on Vanadium was a bit steep. So that will have to wait, or I’ll just move on when I hit level 62. Whichever comes first.

On my journey to ding 52, I was nearly out of vitality when I began my session, and it went quick. Nearly the whole level was grinded out through quests, but I had a lot of fun doing so. The first quest I tackled was “Flesh and Steel”, the 3rd quest in the Rallos Zek deity line. This quest had me running all over the Lesser Faydark, and boy it was a pain. Not only were most of the mobs in zone (at least where I had to venture) either orange or red, the terrain is a bit harder to navigate when you don’t have access to the horse stations. Luckily, through my travels I managed to pick them all up. After finishing the quest, I had to return to the guy in BBM, and get my reward. What was that?


A “mini” giant, that was still taller than me! Kind of sad when your pet is bigger than you, but oh well, the buff was well worth it. After finishing up the quest, my Dad and I duoed some more quests in Lfay, which eventually dinged me 52, and I also hit 62 AA. Not bad for a couple hours of play time.

That’s all for now, I’ll be back with another EQ2 related post soon, as I plan to raid over the next couple days, and play my brigand as well. Until next time.