Hello Tier 6!

Since my last post about my little Brigand (I guess I shouldn’t call him little anymore, since he’s comin’ up), I’ve had a lot of progress with him.

I can’t remember exact days, but we’ll just go over the events.

Izlain has successfully completed all of the quests in Steamfont Mountains (save for a couple based in Klak’anon). I managed to get a group going yesterday in Klak’anon, and I did finish a couple quests in there along the way, along with killing almost all of the named (though now I have a quest that requires killing them all again). I also spent part of the last week in the Sinking Sands, finishing most if not all of the soloable quests there, though I haven’t grabbed any groups for Clefts, Living Tombs, Hidden Cache, or any other dungeons yet. I do plan to do some of these things on my days off starting tomorrow.

Izlain is not sitting halfway through level 51, and he has a full set of Cobalt armor and weapons waiting for him when he dings again. That should bring in a noticeable amount of dps, though I won’t say his dps is lacking, as no tank except for a paladin (amends FTW) has been able to hold aggro from him. Hitting T6 was exciting, because that means I’m only 1 tier away from hitting max level, and that will be nice, I will finally be able to start raiding with him, along with hitting up the T7 instances that I like so much better than the rest of the game (must be because I’ve spent so much time in them with my Paladin). Come on full suit of McCabb’s!

The only down fall to T6 that I’ve found so far (aside from having to buy all of my spells from here on out) is that grouping seems to be more sparse than I recall it being when I was here with my paladin. Of course, that was about a year ago, so things do change. A year ago with my Pally, when I went through the first 4 tiers, there was hardly any groupage, I only really started in T6. Now its reverse, the lower tiers are teeming with people to group with, and T6 is dead. Thankfully, there’s a lot to do solo-wise, so I will try to burn through the tier and get to T7, where I know for a fact there will be no shortage of groups. I’m sure this is due to the influx of new and returning players as of late, all starting up toons, and bored T7 people, rolling alts. Many of the people I’ve played with through the course of my Brigand’s career were alts of someone with one or more level 70s, some of which I knew, others I did not.

All in all, things have been going great. Izlain hit 60 AA last night, and is nearing 61. With the number of quests available coming up in Lesser Faydark, and Pillars of Flame, I will have no problem getting plenty more AA, along with all of the dungeons with named that I will attempt to farm when groups are available. Will be nice to not have to grind a bunch of AA after hitting level 70. From the looks of it, I won’t have to. Until next time, peace.