I Got My Mark

This weekend was pretty good, EQ2-wise.

On Friday I didn’t spend too much time in game, me and Gina decided to play for a while. Our Bruisers finished a few quests and did some running around. We both got a level and some AA. We’re sitting at 28 now, and it’s going slow, but that’s mainly because we both don’t have much time to play together. I play a lot, she’s just a busy girl.

Today was much better. I logged on in the afternoon on my Brigand, and made some progress with him. He’s doing quests in the Sinking Sands now, and is well on his way to T6, sitting at level 48 now. My good friend that plays the game got his girlfriend started a few months back, and was in her 40s when my Brigand was in his teens. He’s nearly caught up now, with her sitting at level 56. I’d give it a couple weeks and he will be caught up, at least at the pace I’ve been setting.

Anyway, he cleared a few SS quests, and even ran a solo instance (that I never even stumbled upon with my main). He’s got 53 AA now, and is nearing his 54th. I can’t believe how easy it is to get it now, compared to how hard it was with my Paladin. Thalinos was at like 80 AA when he hit level 70, and it was a long hard road to 100. The Brigand should be at 100 or damn near when he hits level 70, and that’s definitely a good thing.

Later on in the evening, my guild had a MoAx4 raid scheduled. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to go, because I’ve been ready for that raid for about 6 months, and something always came up. Either it was scheduled on a day I couldn’t raid (due to work), or they already had too many plate classes going. Well today was the exception. I got into the raid with my Paladin, and it went smooth as hell. I’ve heard other guilds bitching about it being a hard raid, but honestly, it’s easier to finish than Labs, and we all know Labs is cake. So about an hour after we started, we were collecting our marks, and that was a great thing. To add some icing to the cake, I even got a master that I just so happened to need, and that made the trip all the more worth it.

I disbanded from the raid with intentions to gate home and camp to my Brigand for more SS fun, when the guildies still on decided they wanted to do a quick Labs run. I said I would go, and headed back to the Bonemire. After a few minutes the raid was filled up again, and we were zoning in.

We couldn’t figure out if the zone was bugged, or if the devs adjusted the drop rate, but it was a fabled drop fest. First encounter dropped a Relic chain item. The next dropped Relic leather. A couple later dropped a really nice chest, with the Draconic Deflector, a Shaman set piece, an Assassin Master, and an Adept 1. We’re talking off of trash mobs… it was ridiculous. The first named dropped Oblivion’s Edge, and I thought about rolling on it, but I’m glad I didn’t. Pardus Pret dropped some SK/Inq legendary trash. There were about 4 other trash mobs that dropped Relic gear (only plate that dropped was hands, and I didn’t really want to waste my fabled drop on gloves when mine are decent), and a few other goodies that dropped from named. The Doomsworn Solitaire dropped. I passed. A Silver Bracelet dropped that I rolled on but lost. Eventually, once we killed Vyemm, I got my drop. The Silver Sword of Rage. It’s a decent 1hander, but the ward proc is what got me. Luckily, everyone had pretty much won something, and those that hadn’t won couldn’t use the sword. So, happily, I looted it, and finally got an upgrade for my 1hander. This brings my total of fabled gear up to 4 (that I can wear at once, 6 total, some sharing slots).

The little bit of raiding I’ve done has made a huge improvement on my dps. I know before when I had a dirge in my group, I was parsing around 1200 or so, but now, even without a dirge’s buffs, I parse from 800-1600 depending on the encounter. Single pulls are usually at the lower end, though there were times I was still hitting over 1k. Multiple mobs = AOE madness, and I parse damn near 2k at times. And I seriously have some crappy gear, along with about half of my CAs/Spells being masters. I can only imagine what I could do with full fabled/masters.

All in all, it was a good weekend. I really feel at home in this guild, and I’m glad that I took a chance with them. They’re all really cool people, and we work together seamlessly as a raid. Some of the things I never thought possible have happened in this guild, and I’m not going anywhere. Finally, I’m content.