DFC and more

The night before the downtime, I grouped with my Dad’s Berserker, attempting to finish some Steamfont Mountains quests. We finished a couple where heroics that I couldn’t quite solo were involved, but I think I may have stumbled across a bugged quest. After collecting “little black boxes” from Clockworks, the next quest in the series is to take the black boxes to the inoperative clockwork near the great gear, and use them on it. This is supposed to activate the clockwork, and it turns into a heroic mob you have to kill. For some reason nothing would happen when I inspected it, and no matter what I tried would work. So skipping this quest, we went on into the steamfont mines, looking for Bulka Bloodhorn. We managed to duo our way to the placeholder, but we ended up dying shortly thereafter. We called it a night, but not before my Brigand dinged level 45.

Last night, the game came back up from the downtime. Once again, me and my Dad grouped in an attempt to get Bulka. This time, a healer from his guild and one of the healers friend’s (a wizzy) came along. You would think things would have went even smoother due to having a bigger group, but it actually went a lot worse. The healer sucked, and the wizard nuked too soon, and it was just a mess. By some miracle we ended up getting to the placeholder, but as soon as we got repops we died, and I was done with that. We did manage to kill a couple named along the way (that weren’t up the night prior), and I got my 49th achievement point, getting the end ability in the strength rogue line, tramatic swipe.

Today was a different story, I got a great group, and made a lot of progress:

look ma, I finished my KOS tree!

I went on a DFC run with a zerker, fury (mentored from 70), dirge, and monk. We couldn’t seem to fill the last spot, but it wasn’t really necessary as our lowest member in the group was the tank, and he was still 44. I managed to get 3 achievement points from discovery, named, and the two HQs I finished. Also dinged level 46, and am about halfway to 47. If I can keep up the pace, I should be level 70 long before the expansion even comes out. Then I can at least get some gear before it’s all useless.

All in all, it was a good day, and I’m content with having made some good progress.