Another Addition

My girl had a webpage that I made for her some time ago, but that she lost interest in and never really posted on.

She saw my setting up my wordpress account, and has seen some of the stuff you can do with it, and was interested again, so I helped her set up an account for herself. There’s a link at right; her page is called Poison Apples.

She used to just blog about “life related” stuff, but she does play Everquest 2 with me, so maybe she’ll touch on that in her blog, who knows? Anyhow, if you want to know more about my lady and what makes her tick, click the link.

In other news, I haven’t done much of anything this weekend. Yesterday I played a whole assload of CoD2, and that was fun, but got boring after a while. I also watched Norbit with Gina in the evening. It was pretty funny, but overall a relatively stupid movie. Then again, most movies with Eddie Murphy in them are pretty stupid. We were supposed to have some people over to drink, but they were flaky, as people usually are. So I had a lonely beer and played some EQ until bedtime.

My brigand is about halfway to 45 now, and hit 48 achievement last night. I ran around Zek and finished up the “Operation Green Hood” quest along with the beginning portion of “Rescue of the Green Hoods”. I only need to do a couple more of Grozmag’s trials and then both the above HQ and the “Training is a Shield” HQ will be ready for the DFC portion, and I just need to get a run to finish those. Will be some nice AA, since I haven’t been in there yet, and you need to kill all the named to be able to take a shot at Emperor Fyst. Fyst himself gives AA, and then completing the two HQs will give even more. I should get to at least 50 AA by the time that’s all said and done. Plus, the status will help out my guild, which is sitting at lvl 55 right now.

Tonight my buddy Ted is having a housewarming party of sorts. He recently moved into a rather large house with 4 other roommates, and I guess they’re finally settled in. He invited me and Gina to come, so we’re supposed to make an appearance later on. Supposedly it’s near my house, so at least we don’t have to drive across town. I’ll let you know how that goes at a later time.

For now, me and Gina are going to play some EQ2, so I’m outta here.