The Weekend In Everquest – (09/17/07)

I had a pretty good weekend playing EQ2.

My guild has grown quite a bit since I joined it a couple months ago (has it even been that long?). When I was recruited, there were approximately 28 accounts, most of which were active players. When I last checked, the count was up to 56 or so, nearly 30 people having joined since I did. A large chunk of these are people from my old guild, Stormbringers. As I’ve explained in the past, SB’s Raid Leader left the guild and shortly thereafter I left, as raids had been put on hold. Since, it seems that many of the core raiders have left as well, and quite a few of those are now making up the raid force of Wrath of Opie. There have been a couple others that have joined as well, including one of my old guildies, and a few that I’ve grouped with in the past (a particularly good SK with a warlock alt, and a really good conjuror). Thusly, the raid schedule has gone to almost daily, which is pretty cool for a non-raid guild. I’m still only able to jump in on the weekend raids though, as the guild leaders are in the CST time zone, and they start raids during the week while I’m at work. The guild is definitely progressing, and I’m seeing growth that other guilds had been lacking, and I’m definitely staying put. Not to mention all of the people are really cool, not uptight like some guilds I’ve been in.

So on Friday a raid on Deathtoll was scheduled. I logged on right as the raid was forming, and secured a place with my Paladin. The raid went pretty well, and we finally almost took out Curor. Tarinax is easy prey, but Curor’s AOEs did a number on us. We were two spots short because of LDs, so we think the two extra dps spots would have finished him (he was around 10% or less). Anyhow, Tarinax dropped some nice fabled boots that were a pretty decent upgrade to the Reinforced Dwarven Workboots I had, so I grabbed those. Afterwards, I called it a night from the game.

On Saturday I logged onto my Brigand. I was heading to Steamfont Mountains to do some solo quests when someone was advertising for a Nek Castle group. I needed to kill Everling for Hadden’s Earring HQ (and quick, as it was about to grey out on me), so I tagged along. I also grabbed the two L&Ls (ghost and fairy) from within the castle, though I wasn’t too lucky on loot. Everling dropped easily, and then it was on to Ruins of Varsoon to get the next update for the HQ. We killed the skelly, and then did the Chamber of Immortality for shits. Again, I had no luck on loots, but the AA was pretty decent from the two instances. After leaving the group, I killed Captain Kreiger and finished up the HQ. The raid was forming at this point, and so I logged to my Paladin to join up.

We raided Halls of the Seeing, and this was a treat, as it was a zone I hadn’t raided before. Too bad my Paladin has max AA, or else it would have been really good. Still, it was a nice change of pace, and we cleared the zone. Venekor was cake, and he dropped a really nice two handed axe (the name escapes me) that I happened to win, so two pieces of fabled gear for the Paladin this weekend. Not bad.

Today, before work, I logged onto the Brigand again. I bought the pieces for the Ghost L&L off of the broker and finished that. I needed some auto updates for fairies however, so headed out to Darklight Wood and killed a few fairies to get those. Two L&Ls down in less than 30 minutes. I decided to head to Fallen Gate and grab the Zombie L&L since its one I missed. Did that, and killed some Zombies for the auto updates. I needed to go to Freeport to get an update for the assassin’s blade HQ, and also for the current Live Event. I finished up those, and then headed to Steamfont to do some solo quests like I meant to do the day before. I finished quite a few, then gated home and bought the pieces to finish the Zombie L&L. I then had to camp out, as it was time for work.

Overall, a very productive weekend. Thalinos got 2 pieces of fabled gear. Izlain hit level 42, and 43 achievement. I’m officially over the hump with him now, and I know for sure that he will be 70 before ROK release. The deadline has been a good motivator.