Game Update #38 went live yesterday. We all know this, as players of the game, because the official site posts the update notes. The patcher is also a good indication, you can read the update notes there as well.

When writing a blog about something, I feel it’s standard to include opinions about whatever you’re writing about. Apparently not everyone feels this way, because a number of blogs I read decided to simply cut and paste the patch notes in their entirety, without adding any personal touches.

I wrote a post a while back about the test update notes for this patch, and already detailed some of my opinions about it. I do have a little more feedback at this time, because the update has gone live and I had the opportunity to toy with some of the new features. I just don’t understand why it is that many people decided to just post the update notes, without commentary. I would rather read about what people thought about the update, rather than reading the same exact notes I already read on the EQ2Players site.

Speaking of EQ2Players, they linked to this blog again, and I think that’s pretty cool. The Town Crier Section is quickly becoming a good referrer to my site. Whoever puts together this portion, I do appreciate it.

Without further nonsense, I will give my opinions about the update:

I won’t be following this god with any of my existing toons, but the cloak reward (which people already had on the first day) intrigues me. The “grabbing a trick from Bristlebane’s arsenal” proc on the cloak is a neat idea, utilizing randomization rather than a set utility. My only question is how many different things can happen? One player was saying that he got a +DPS and +% enlargement proc, which would be much like Marr’s cloak. I’m wondering if it will do all of the existing cloak procs all in one? If that’s the case, my Brigand may leave Rallos Zek behind for the new God.

Dual Wield Changes:
I checked out the existing weapons on my Brigand when I zoned in. The damage had most definitely been scaled up, and I did notice a small net gain in DPS. This is definitely a welcome change, because it gives a little bit of flair in weapon choices. I have yet to stumble upon a “Main Hand” or “Off Hand” only weapon, but I’m sure those are mostly Fabled items, and I’m not high enough in the game to really care about farming. It’s mostly nice to be able to have a larger variety of weapons to choose from, which I found while trying to buy new ones hitting level 40 yesterday.

Appearance Tab:
This to me, is a completely useless feature. I’m not going to spend extra money going out of my way to buy more gear for the extra tab. I’m also not going to put funny hats on, or different cloaks or whatever. The only use I can find with this feature, is for when I have a full set of matching gear, and then become clown pants (I.E. having all of the McCabb’s gear on, then finding better raid gear for a couple slots, I would put the legendary in appearance to still be streamlined). I supposed that’s what the feature is meant for, but it is really “fluff”. Another possible use would be for roleplaying, as it is an RPG. Unfortunately I have yet to see anyone doing so on my server, so it’s a bit on the lame side.

New Persistant Zone: Unrest:
Neat idea, and I suppose all long zones will be like this from now on. Still, Unrest is do-able in about 2-3 hours, hardly too long to do in one sitting. But, for new players who still need to figure out how to clear it, I think it’s great.

Guild Status Items:
This can only be considered a nerf. My Brigand is relatively new to his guild, and as such I’m trying to earn status to show that I’m trying to help level the guild (currently lvl 54). Of the 6,000+ guild sp I have contributed, about 1,500 of that was with guild status items collected while adventuring. Granted, 1,500 isn’t a lot, but every little bit helps when trying to reach cap before the expansion (where the cap will be raised again). Now my Brigand won’t be able to gain any more status for the guild unless he finishes HQs, and the added option was nice. I know they’re trying to stave off the high end guilds from being lvl 80 on the first release day of the expansion, but c’mon, if they’re going to put in the work to save up that many status items, let them have their guild levels. The rest of us will catch up eventually.

I already went over the Crusader/Paladin AA changes that effected me in my post about the Test Notes, so that’s all I have for now. But honestly, tell me it isn’t more enjoyable to read my opinion about these things, instead of seeing an exact copy of the update notes again?

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  1. My swashbuckler has certainly benefited from the appearance tab change. At lvl 54 he was clotheed from head to toe in Cobalt blue and while, cool, didn’t look much like the pirate his title was showing. With the addition of a very cheap no-stats crafted costume in the chest slot he now looks much closer to my idea of what a swashie should.


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