NWFT (09/10/07)

Over at noworldfortomorrow.com, there’s a new message.

This week’s message is similar to last weeks, but instead of video, it’s pictures of the making of the video. There could have been more of them, but I guess it counts as something. The past couple messages have been a little on the disappointing side, but there may be hope coming soon… Towards the bottom of the message, they claim “next week there will be something big”. My money is on it being the release of the video, making “The Running Free” their official first single off the album. That will then be on steady rotation on music television near you.

The photos themselves had a nice ambiance to them, but more exciting was the redesign of the flash art on the site, something I found to be pretty fuckin’ cool. So now we have to wait another few days, but with any luck, next week will give me something to talk about.