Do You Take This Man?

I’ve had a busy few days.

On Friday I had to work. There was a concert, and I had my days off changed once again. The traffic coming in for the event was horrendous. The gates for the show opened at 6:30, and at that time the parking lot was still pretty empty. By the time the show was supposed to start at 8, they had not, and the traffic coming in was backed up to the expressway. The show didn’t start until 8:45, and the traffic didn’t stop until about 10:30. There was talk of overtime, talk of being stuck in all this traffic on the way out, but I got lucky.

At 12:15, when our shift ends, my manager told us to hold our positions until properly relieved. Thankfully, I was relieved promptly, and I asked permission to leave. The show was still going strong, and few people were leaving, so I got to beat the traffic, and there was no overtime to be had. I was glad for that, it was my 6th day in a row, and I was ready to go home.

I went straight to bed when I got home (after warming up some pizza that Gina had ordered earlier in the day). We had a big day ahead of us on Saturday.

My good friends Kristy and Jeff got married yesterday. I was nominated to be the photographer, using Jeff’s digital camera. I did my job, and I did it well, taking well over 700 pictures throughout the day.

We arrived at Jeff’s parent’s house (where the ceremony/reception was held) at about 11:45. Most of the stuff they had rented had arrived already, but hardly anything was set up. So me and Gina helped out with that, setting up tables, decorations and whatnot. There was a problem with some of the table cloths, and Jeff’s friend Nathan was nominated to go pick up some different ones. We spent a couple hours setting up and then Kristy arrived. Gina was to do her hair and help her get ready, so they disappeared for a time. I went up to get some embarrassing pictures, and then came back down to help with the set-up. As start time drew closer, Jeff and his brother headed inside to shower and change, and I decided to have a couple beers.

People began to show, and we directed them to the front yard, where the ceremony was to take place. Eventually things fell into place and the ceremony began. I got a lot of pictures of this, and it was a beautiful thing. Jeff and Kristy read their vows, lit their unity candle, and when it was all said and done, we all headed into the back yard. The caterers had arrived shortly before the ceremony ended, and as we sat down the Bride and Groom grabbed their food. We all joined in afterwards, and the food was delicious. We’re thinking of using the same caterers for our wedding.

After the food, there were toasts, and then some dancing. The kids all left after some formalities, and then the adults got down to business. We ended up killing the keg that was there, and all but one bottle of champagne. Mike ended up going on a beer run, and there were a few remaining beers at the end of the night. The Bride ended up passing out at around 8:30, though more people showed up later on and got her back up. I was ready for sleep at around 2… and that’s an early night for me.

Unfortunately we had to sleep on the floor, so my back and neck have been sore all day, but I’ll live. I woke up at about 10, and me and Gina hung out for a while, and helped a little with the clean up. Eventually we got pretty hungry and decided it was time we go home and shower and stuff.

After getting cleaned up, we looked at our house, and man we’ve been lazy recently. We also needed to get some groceries, so we headed to Wally World and got some shopping done. After we got home and put the groceries away, I set about cleaning up the kitchen. We also planned to clean our car (with all of the light rain we’ve gotten, it just looked like crap), but there was a hitch. Our garage door opener took a shit on us, and though we’ve alerted our landlord, nothing has happened with it yet. So we had to wash the car out front, but the cord for the vacuum wouldn’t reach, so we called my mom to see about borrowing an extension cord. We ended up picking that up a little later.

Also, while hanging with J & K earlier, they had asked if we could dog-sit while they go on their honeymoon. They’re spending 9 days in Hawaii, and they have a really nice pit bull that reminds us of our old pit. So we said we would, and picked her up after getting the cord I just mentioned. When we got back to the house Gina got started on dinner and I washed the car. We did a pretty detailed job, and it looks a hell of a lot better than it did. I finished cleaning the house after we ate, and now felt it was time for a little R&R.

I haven’t played EQ at all this weekend, and I’m not sure if I will. If I don’t tonight, there’s always tomorrow during the day, but damn I don’t want to go to work…