People = Stupid

No, I haven’t just come to this conclusion, I’ve known this for quite some time. I just like to point this out from time to time, because honestly, being smart is becoming a rarity these days. Sometimes it makes me feel cursed for being smart and having to put up with the day to day stupidity. And other days it feels like a blessing, because I’m smart enough to realize that I’m not stupid. And that last sentence will only make sense to a smart person.

So anyway, today at work I was inside for a change. I was at a standing post, the duty here is to check id’s, make sure alcohol doesn’t go out, make sure food/drink doesn’t come in, and also call the courtesy shuttle for customers. This post is basically the rear entrance to the casino, only accessible by the shuttle.

About a year ago, the casino underwent a remodel. Mostly everything was done within a few months, but they’ve made tweaks here and there throughout the year. The most recent step has been to remodel the restrooms, of which all but two are completed. Guess what I’m standing right next to at this post? You guessed it, a pair of restrooms. These restrooms have been torn down to the dirt, and they are essentially starting from scratch. Each restroom has caution tape over the door, and each is roped off. Two large signs stand in front of the hallway, stating:

The Sage Room restrooms are under construction. Please use the restrooms in the Mesquite Room. Thank You.

I must have counted 30 people during my 2 hour stint there, all who walked past the signs, walked up to the door to the restroom, turned around, returned to me, and asked “the restroom is closed?”. I’m standing two feet from the sign, and it’s in bold face print. I stare at them with my pleasantly irritated face, and reply “yes”.

I only counted 30, but it was probably more than that. You could pick out the smart people in the room, those were the ones who came within 10 feet of the signs, and turned around. Less intelligent people wouldn’t read the sign, but could tell that the restrooms were closed and would ask where the nearest one was. But those idiots… they are so oblivious.

I had a discussion about this previously with a co-worker of mine, one who directs promotions at the casino. As Officers we have to assist with drawing tickets and what not, to prevent any sort of cheating. As I would stand, posted with this co-worker, near signs all clearly detailing what the drawing is for, what can be won, and plasma screen t.v.’s mounted on the walls surrounding us listing the last person called in the drawing, idiots would penetrate the serenity of it all. You can guess what their questions entailed. We used to joke about how we should pin notes to peoples shirts, offer maps at the entrance, or simply slap idiots who approach with lackluster questions.

One idea we came up with was to have little floating signs (this of course won’t happen for years and years). We devised that people don’t look up, down, or sideways, only straight ahead. This tunnel vision doesn’t enable them to read informative signs. That, or they’re completely lazy and have to ask instead. Or, maybe they don’t speak or read english (we get a lot of those). Anyway, the little floating signs would have an knowledge database, so questions could be asked and the answers would appear on the screen. These signs would have motion detection sensors, so they could lower or raise to the appropriate height so customers would have the information conveniently displayed at eye level. This would eliminate all of the annoying questions, but would also eliminate our jobs, so we decided to scrap the idea.

I just don’t understand what drives people to be so lazy. When I go somewhere, I don’t ask where the restroom is, I find it. I don’t ask where I need to go to get a drink or something to eat, I find these commodities. I don’t depend on others, because they may recommend something I won’t like, or may give incorrect directions. Honestly, self-sufficiency is where its at. And I will always curse those with ridiculous questions.

That’s my rant for now.