This week’s message

Yes, I’m a day late, but I’m still providing the news for those of you who don’t know, or maybe missed it. This week’s message over at isn’t much of a message at all.

Instead, there’s a link that will direct you to a behind the scenes of the filming of the video for the album’s first single (phew!), which in case you didn’t know, is called “The Running Free” (sorry for the run on sentence).

 In case you’re lazy, I’ll fill you in on what the video is about (if you don’t want to know, click the link above and find out for yourself). Basically it’s the guys from the band blabbing about the making of the video. But it’s only like 30 seconds long, so it’s definitely lacking some depth. Really, you don’t get much of anything out of it, so you might not even waste your time with this one. You see the set, which is a hospital, and they tell you that there will be three Claudios in the scene. I’m sure when the video is finished, it will be much more satisfying. That’s all for now.