The Brig Is Coming Up

 My Brigand was on extended hiatus for the last month, I only played him sporadically. But the past few days I’ve picked him back up, mainly because I joined that new guild I mentioned a few posts back. The Brigand will be more useful for the raid force than my Paladin is (though they’ve been kind enough to let Thal tag along for a raid already), so I’m trying to get him leveled up. This is a good motivator, as my goal was to have him at 70/100 before the expansion arrives, and at the moment I have a little over two months to do it. Anyway, over the past couple nights I’ve managed to ding him 3 levels and get 2 AP, which isn’t bad for soloing.


As you can see I’m now well on my way to 40, and with that I’ll have a few more zones open up. A couple nights ago I ended up running him around finishing up some L&Ls, and I have around 10 completed now. I also finished up the gnoll and shadowman language quests (somehow I forgot all about the gnoll one, and grabbed that in the caves for easy AA). Last night I ended up finishing the Siren L&L, and then decided to check out Steamfont Mountains. I finished a whole quest line from the little gnome by the zone entrance, and then went into the Gnomeland Security Headquarters and picked up a few more in there. SFM’s quests have gaps in between them though, as I finished some yellow quests and then they jumped to orange. The XP/AP were good, but I think I’ll have to bounce back over to EL/Zek and do some more questing til I get a couple more levels, as the quests there are still blue/white.

I’ve noticed that soloing on the Brig is much more effective than on my paladin. The paladin can solo well, mainly because of high mitigation and heals/wards. His downfall is lower dps, so he’s oop all the time and I have to take constant breaks in between doing shit. The brigand doesn’t run out of power often, and even after chain pulling for long periods of time. When he does begin to run low, a mini-ding tends to bring him right back up, and it’s made leveling a blast, even if I’m doing a bit of grind-style leveling. I wouldn’t mind getting into some instance groups, but at the moment is seems that the level range I’m playing in is a little devoid of groups… at least at the times I usually play.

Anyhow, I’ll keep you posted on the brig’s status. With any luck I’ll be raiding with him within a month.