A New Home

So after having been unguilded on all my toons for about a month, I finally found a new home for them. I left Stormbringers because the core raiding crew fell apart. After our raid leader left the guild (to join a more hardcore raid guild no doubt), the core raiders started leaving left and right. I was toying with the idea of making a guild of my own, but then decided against it, as it is a lot of work to get one off of the ground, and I want to raid now. So I started shopping around.

One of my friends has a brother who also plays. He told me about his guild, and they sounded pretty cool. I ended up looking on the in-game recruiting window earlier today, and found that his guild was recruiting. Finding a guild through this window alone isn’t going to give you very much information (in particular, very few classes are desired for raiding, as most of the more popular ones are already in each guild), so you can “ping” a guild recruiter for more info. I ended up talking to a member of the guild in question, and from what I gathered, I wouldn’t get into any of their raids with my Paladin. I’m still in the process of leveling up my Brigand, so until he gets to raiding level, I’m going to be using my Paladin, and as such I want a guild that will give him a chance.

I looked around some more, and ended up pinging a recruiter from the guild “Wrath of Opie”. Now the name alone is pretty comical, and wasn’t at all why I looked into the guild. Their recruiting message snagged me, stating that they are a level 52 guild (close to cap), and that they raid 4-5 days a week, yet it stated that they are not a hardcore raiding guild. Once I started talking to the recruiter, he explained that they raid pretty regularly on weekends, but have been known to do raids during the week. Weekday raids mean little to me, since I can only raid on weekends anyway, but it was good to know. I was expecting the membership of the guild to be quite large if they raided so often, but they only had 29 accounts after I joined. I was suprised, but was told that they usually have about 2 groups of guildies and then do pickups for the rest for raids. Another plus I found out too, was that an old friend of mine from the guild I led was in this guild, and we got to catch up (and talk shit to each other like old times).

I joined the guild, and shortly thereafter I was raiding Deathtoll, something I hadn’t done before. Apparently the guild also raids some EOF content, and I’m very excited about that, since all the guilds I’ve been in previously haven’t been able to progress that far. So hopefully I’ll have some pretty decent gear once the expansion is released. I managed to snag a legendary wrist piece while in DT, and now wish I wouldn’t have passed on a couple of the fabled drops that came up, but I was hoping for something really nice and didn’t realize how short the zone really is. We killed Tarinax with no problem (makes me wonder what all the hoopla was about him), and that was about that.

After the raid I convinced my old pal, my Dad and some of the guildies to do a COV run, and of course my forearms didn’t drop, monk ones did. My Dad was happy. I was going to do a Sage run with them as well, but decided it was time to take a break. I’ll probably end up playing again in a little while though, because I know Gina has been wanting to play. We played for a little while last night, and our bruisers gained a couple AA and a level. With some luck, maybe we’ll get a crushbone group going tonight. I guess we’ll see.

EDIT @ 11:30 p.m.

Me and Gina did end up playing some more tonight. We ran around Gfay and grabbed the available L&Ls, and managed to finish the Goblin one. We ended up doing the crushbone run with my Dad and my old friend, though it didn’t go for as long as I would have liked. We managed to snag the Armorer who was actually up this time (last time we camped and killed the PH a bunch of times), and we did the little ring event with the prophet. The latter was pretty lame, as the prophet didn’t give any AA nor did he drop a chest, but a learning experience nonetheless. We went in deeper, where the mobs were yellow, and it started getting a bit tough. Nothing but PHs along the way, we ended up wiping shortly thereafter and called it a night. I managed to ding level 25 and so did my lady, so there was progress anyhow.