Just a Quickie

Just a small tidbit of music news.

Avenged Sevenfold announced a few days ago that their new album will be released on 10/16/07, just a week before the new Coheed album. You can listen to their first single “Critical Acclaim” on their myspace page.

The band “The Killing Moon”, who have only released a 5 song EP at this point, have recorded some demo tracks for an upcoming full-length, and posted them on their purevolume page. They say the songs will only be there for a short time, so make sure to check those out before they’re gone!

And from noworldfortomorrow.com:

“So there has been much speculation as to our fall tour… the truth is we will be doing a headlining tour, with special guests Clutch and The Fall of Troy. Dates will be out sometime next week. We hope to see you there. We think it will be a blast! And as an extra bonus this week, our guitar tech Dave Gibney is so excited about the new record he wanted to tell you about it himself. Here is a video of Dave and Claudio at the bus at Warped Tour: Watch Video

That’s all for now. Check out da linx man.