The Weekend in Everquest – (8/19/07)

I had an eventful weekend in-game. This is probably due to the fact that I had a four day weekend, that is now coming to a close. For once I played -almost- all my characters, and had a blast doing so. Each day of my weekend saw a little play time, and each character was advanced in someway or another. I also had a great idea, which I’ll share in a bit.

Thalinos (paladin/main) got some love for once. I haven’t really dusted him off in quite some time. After hitting 100 achievment he’s been kind of on the backburner, which was ok because that gave me more time for my alts. If my goal of having at least one alt at level 70 before the expansion in November is to be met, I have to let him collect dust. Anyhow, I did a little farming with the big guy, and Aaumelien (my Dad’s conjuror) the other day. We went to POF and hit up the sand goblins. Apparently they’re supposed to drop masters quite often (from what Aaum has witnessed, plat farmers frequent the area), though we didn’t see any that night. I did end up making about 60 gold off of trash loot, and got a few more gold off of adept 1s I sold on the broker. We even killed a couple named up there, though this was useless for me. I believe Aaum got another achievement point though. Kudos to him.

The next day Thalinos tackled the Kaladim portion of “The Stone Behind the Ankh” quest, which is part one of chapter 3 of swords of destiny. This is a long quest, a real pain. I had already finished multiple steps to get up to this point. Luckily I managed to get a group to go along, all of which were on the same portion of the quest (and for anyone who has done anything with the Claymore series, you know it’s damn near impossible to get a whole group on the same step). We got the book, killed a bunch of mobs for updates, got the sword hilt, and returned to the Shadow Knight in Butcherblock to finish the quest. The second quest in chapter 3 was procured, and now I have to do a whole shitload of named/ph killing in Castle Mistmoore. I figure if I can’t find people that are on this portion, I can lure them in with a class pants run, and hopefully hook them while I have them.

Tonight, I logged him in to pick up my free respec cards from the achievement counsel. I also decided that since I had over 2 million status, I would spend some of it. My official in-game name is now “Lord Thalinos Hatebreeder the Dedicated”. It’s pretty long but it sounds cool. I also picked up a +100 health adornment for my shoulders, as the respec kicked my hp down a bit. Self buffed I’m only sitting at 7,700; yet a little while ago self buffed I was over 8,000. Doesn’t make sense, but shit happens. A few more adorns and gear upgrades and I’ll be back there.

Izlain (brigand) had a busy weekend as well. He’s graduated from Butcherblock, completing the last two quests (at least until the 60s) in the zone. He also completed his 2nd deity quest, and many quests in Zek. He also finished up the Treant L&L. He’s nearly level 35 now, and halfway through his 31st achievement point. He now has loads of adventuring options, as Zek/Enchanted Lands have many quests to go, and I could even move on to Feerrott/Everfrost/Steamfont in a level or two. I plan to start farming Ruins of Varsoon before I gain my next level, to try and get some cheap AA before the zone greys out. Then it will be on to Runnyeye, and then maybe Deathfist Citadel.

I had a blast tonight playing Dahnzig (Bruiser). We decided it was time to take on Crushbone Keep, having just dinged level 20.


I had a bit to learn as far as how to tank with a Brawler, but it was all sorted out by the end of the night. Gina played her Bruiser as well (LadyMarilyn), and while I MT’d, she was DPS. My Dad jumped on his lowbie Arasai Wizard (Nins), and he got a guildie to come along for the ride (Defiler). It was quite irritating at first because none of us are really super familiar with any of these toons. Nins was having a little trouble controling his hate, I was having trouble holding aggro, the Defiler was having trouble keeping up with the damage I was taking. LM was the only one really doing what she was supposed to. I died many times, as did everyone else. We initially went into CBK to named-hunt, but we didn’t manage to get a single one. At level 20 it was hard to go much further than the main corridor, but after gaining two levels (yes two, and really quickly I might add), I equipped the near full suit of cuirbolli leather armor, palladium rings, and fir batons I had waiting for me.


This was a huge improvement, and the dmg/taunt proc I got with the level helped as well. I did manage to get one achievement point (finished Skelly L&L and a few collections), totaling 13 now. We ended up quiting after a couple hours inside, but with all the wipes we started with, we didn’t get too far (even exited to mend once). It was a really fun experience, and we intend to go back in the next time me and Gina can play together.

I’ve decided after my last post and some thought, that I want to start my own guild (again). I’ve talked to some people, and though they don’t seem to want the work involved (leaving everything to me) they are willing to help in its creation. I think I might be able to convince some others to join up as well. It’s only going to be for fun, and I don’t intend to use my main for now. He will stay in his guild where he can raid until I see if I can build a raid force. If I can, then all my characters will stay in my guild. Stay tuned for details.