Always Better When It’s Free

I went out yesterday to see about picking up the new cd from AFI’s side project Blaqk Audio. It came out last tuesday, and I totally forgot about it. I went to my favorite record store in town (found out they moved as well), and they didn’t have it. Apparently with their new address change they didn’t get some of their order. The owner told me that she would have it next week. Not wanting to wait, I headed over to the other record store I used to frequent, and no dice there either. But, they did say they could have it for me today, and they get orders via UPS pretty much instantaneously. So I’m due to go pick that up in a little bit. Can’t wait for this, and the band is pretty awesome to me. Gina hates them, but she hates pretty much everything that is electronic in my library. The band sounds a bit like Depeche Mode to me, though some songs are a bit more techno-ish. You can hear a sample here.

A few weeks ago, when I got my router, there was a special coupon inside for 50 free downloads from eMusic, which I forgot about until last night. I happened to notice it, and said fuck it, lets get some free music. Free music is always good. I’m not an advocate of piracy, illegal downloading, or anything like that, but this was a legit free deal. The idea is for the company to snag you into using their service, paying a monthly fee for music downloads. Well, I used their free gimmick and then cancelled the membership and got free music. Do I feel guilty? No. Because these companies give the artists money for licensing, and then are allowed to let you download them. The artists get paid, and that’s all I care about. Because I’m all about supporting good artists so that they can bring further good music to my ears. That’s the way it’s supposed to work.

So anyway, I got 50 free downloads. I managed to get 4 complete albums, and a couple songs that were left over went to a random pick. I looked for a lot of albums I didn’t have to complete collections, and I managed to find a few I liked, though a lot that I looked for weren’t on the site. I managed to get the Death By Stereo live album “Death Alive”, an older Nekromantix album from the 90’s, “Brought Back To Life”, a newer Danzig album “Circle of Snakes”, and a Bury Your Dead album, “You Had Me At Hello”. The leftover two songs went to a band called the Vitamin String Quartet, who have done tributes to various bands, in a somewhat classical style. I managed to find a tribute they did to Coheed and Cambria’s second album, and picked a couple of my favorite songs off of that. It’s pretty cool and great for ambient music, though I won’t be bumping that in my car, rest assured.

Last night Howard came over for some CoD2. It was pretty fun. Tonight we’re supposed to be going to that party I mentioned last post, and I’m hoping that it turns out well. Either way, I’ll be having a couple drinks.

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