Independant Music

I ordered a couple of cds the other day from CDBaby. I had never really even browsed this site before, but they claim to be the largest distributor of independent music. They didn’t specify where, but I would assume in California, or maybe the US. Anyhow, I’ve been a myspace member for a couple years now, and as any of you who have myspace know, you get random friend requests all the time. Well more often than not, these friend requests turn out to be spam, but once in a while it’s a band, and sometimes its even a friend that you haven’t seen in a while or one who just got a myspace account.

Quite a few of the bands I have as friends found me. I’m sure they just look for people with similar musical interests, and then hope they can expose you to their music. I have discovered a shitload of new bands by having a myspace account, either by them adding me, or me browsing though different pages. A couple of the bands that added me as their friend, turned out to be really good. One band is a hardcore/metal band hailing from San Diego, and the other is an Industrial type band (somewhat like Nine Inch Nails) from Oceanside (well I think that they moved on to L.A.). Both are great examples of how great music can be, when not shaped by major record labels.

You can check out some samples of the bands at myspace. Here are the links:

Etched In Red

Etched In Red is the metal band. Core was actually called “The Center” when I first added them as a friend, but have since changed their name to Core. Still the same brains behind the band, and it’s still the same format. CDBaby has some great deals on independant music, and you can browse their site for even more bands. All band pages on their site also have audio samples. I would advise anyone who has good taste in music to check this stuff out.