Alt-itus (again)

Well it’s happened again. I’m stuck with alt-itus. I recently heard some news that has made the condition worse. Turns out, the raid leader of my guild has left. I haven’t heard why, just rumors that he left for another guild. So seeing as how I’ve hit 100 achievement on my main, and all I was really doing with him was raiding (though it’s been sparse lately), I don’t really play him at all. Sure, I could work on Swords of Destiny (I’m on chapter 3), or Claymore (still stuck in Sanctum of Scale), or the last couple HQs I have left to do, or even tradeskill (only level 43 woodworker), but none of that sounds as appealing as the alternative. So I have alt-itus. At least I can admit it.

My Brigand hit level 27 and now has 21 achievement points. I really enjoy this toon, and I’m pretty sure that he will be my second level 70. The problem is, I have so much to do with all of my toons, and so little time. But the point of the game is to enjoy it, and I am enjoying it much more than I have in a long time. The game can go in waves, where you get utterly bored, and then it sucks you back in. I’m back with a vengeance.

Speaking of getting sucked in, Gina is at that point as well. She’s been wanting to play almost daily, and this is a pleasant suprise. I though for sure it would have been like it was in the past, where she was kind of into it, but not really. And the really great part is, it’s finally all clicked. She just gets it now, and her skill has improved drastically since we last played together. Today our Bruiser duo hit level 18 (and 11 AA); we grinded 7 straight levels, and it was a blast. My Dad even joined us on his 62 Conjuror, and got some cheap AA for himself. We managed to finish all but one or two of the Darklight Wood quests, including one of the L&Ls (which was a pain, but worth it). It turns out that I like the Bruiser a lot more than I thought I would. As a plate tank by trade I’ve always thought Brawlers were a little underpowered, and that they didn’t really offer much except for DPS. But I was wrong, and I understand that now. I still know that my Paladin could out tank a Bruiser, but the DPS would be close, or my main would lose out. But since Gina is really into it again, I know I’ll be devoting quite some time to the class.

My Defiler is on the backburner, almost indefinitely. I find it a pain to solo the class, and that trend will continue until AAs are more developed. The berserk line (AGI) would help a lot with solo DPS, and with the max spell crits he already has, soloability would be much better. Combine that with Canibalize (DPS Defiler line) and I think I could solo no problem. The only thing is, it’s going to take a bit to get there, as he only has 21 AA. Maybe at some point in time I’ll pull him out and dust him off, but currently it’s much easier to solo the Brig.

I scrapped my earlier dual-box duo. I started out with a Berserker/Inquistior duo, and it was going fine, but I don’t really want to waste so many character slots on tanks. I already have a 70 Paladin, and I’m now leveling a Bruiser with Gina, so why have yet another tank? At least the way I see it, I have one tank now, and one dps tank, which is different enough to not be quite as repetitious. But having another plate tank was just too much. So I decided since I no longer have any caster alts, I would make a caster duo. I decided on a Coercer/Wizard duo. I’m playing the Coercer, and boxing the Wiz. This will work out to my benefit as I can montior crowd control, and the Wiz can do what it does best: NUKE. So far it’s worked out alright. I open with a root, then shoot off both classes’ nukes, rinse/repeat. Both toons hit level 6 a little bit ago, but I’ve been playing EQ all day so I decided it was time for a break.

With that, I’m going to play some COD2. Time to blast some bitches.

3 thoughts on “Alt-itus (again)

  1. I envy you the fact that your significant other plays too. I am glad you are getting a kick out of gaming together.

    My husband is just not into EQ at the moment – he is more into WoW and heaps of other non gaming interests.


  2. I second the top two responses. I envy you that both your wife and your dad plays EQ2.Its pretty damn cool:) I’m slowly getting mine into for WoW sucking…nuff said.


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