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I guess I was a little hasty in my review of GU 37, though I was just working with the preview over on EQ2 Players. There is more to it than just merchant buyback and some of the things I talked about previously. In particular, there were some changes to the achievements, primarily on the EOF tree, though other spells were affected.

I’m not going to talk about all of them, just how my Paladin was affected. I was a little unhappy to see that in the Test Notes, they stated that our Armament line would be come raid-wide, giving us a nice little boost raid wise. The buff was supposed to have a decreased effect (currently gives 700 mitigation to group members) but become raid wide. This was not reflected on the actual live notes, and may have been pushed back, but I’m not sure of this. They did make the regular armament line raid wide, but that’s not as useful as it’s only a single target buff. They also changed around our Ardent Belief and Blessing lines, taking the STR portion away from Belief and putting it with our self HP buff. The STR portion actually got a little kick, at adept 3 I was getting 47 STR before, now am getting 62. The wisdom portion stayed the same, but they added +105 to all healing spells for the group. Not a huge gain, but helpful nonetheless.

Another part of the update that is really nice, is the intelligent drops implemented in EOF zones where class set pieces drop. If someone in your group has the item, it won’t drop. This is particularly nice, because I can’t count how many times I’ve been in OOB and boots dropped for a class and they already had them. I have NEVER seen the pally boots drop, though they have to eventually, as I’ve seen other Paladins with them. So we can all rejoice that class set pieces won’t just go to a transmuter.

In other news, today I finally hit 100 achievement points on Thalinos. Thought the last point wasn’t really detrimental, I finally hit one of my goals. Now the only thing he has left to work on is getting to tradeskill level 70, but that’s going to take a bit seeing as how he’s sitting at level 43. My Brigand is coming along nicely. He hit 25 a couple days ago, and has about 19 achievement. He’s currently leveling in the Butcheblock Mountains, and as described by my earlier timeline, he will finish out all of the quests here before running around to get disco and picking up other quests in old world zones. I haven’t messed with my dual-box duo for a few days, but they’re both sitting at level 10 and still working on quests in Darklight. I plan to play with them tomorrow some, as I’m off. I also plan to duo with my lady when she gets off work in the evening. With that, I’m off. Time to get ready for work.

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