I got Gina’s account all set up night before last, but as I was out all night (see previous post) I didn’t do much with it. Yesterday morning I downloaded the EQ2map program and got that all up to date. I then created a toon on her account, and made a new one on mine. I thought up a bunch of different combinations that could work as a duo, but I ended up going with a standard setup, deciding on a Zerker/Inquistor duo. I went with Ogres, as I have never had one, and made my primary toon a male, and the partner a female on the second box. The way my computers are set up it was pretty easy to control, though not as comfortable as I would like it. We have two desks set up in an “L” shape, and I just dragged her monitor/mouse/keyboard over to the other side of the desk nearest me, so that I could reach the keyboard. I didn’t really have to look at the monitor much, only when having to control the secondary toon, for grabbing/completing quests and to change out equipment or trade shinies. At this point I can say that dual-boxing looks to be a blast, and I’ll be able to get a lot more done than what I would normally solo.

I started out both toons in Darklight Wood, and I plan to follow my course of action outlined in my newbie guide a few posts down. I managed to get them both to level 10 last night before calling it an evening, and it was a little slower going than if I was solo, but still was a lot of fun. The Zerker benefits a lot from the Inquistor’s buffs, as there’s a couple HP/Mit buffs already, plus a stamina buff. I’m planning on doing the buckler spec on him to start, and the recast speed spec on the Inq. That way the Inquisitor can cast faster and have some damage spell crits, and the zerker will have some defensive skill buffs plus double attack. From there I’m not sure, but I will figure it out as I go. It’s definitely nice to not have to depend on someone else to get shit done. My Dad has a lowbie Wizzy in DLW, and he joined me for a little bit, and that made the killing go even faster. The only thing I can see being a problem in the future is having trouble managing all the spells on a secondary toon, while trying to play a primary. At the moment I’m using my right hand to operate the mouse on my primary, clicking his hotkeys. I’m using my left hand to push hotkeys on the keyboard on the secondary. I will have to start setting up macros soon, as I will be running out of hotbar space. But I will figure it out as I go.

Gina and I also played for a while, and we came up with a different type of duo. She has tried out casters (conjuror), and healers (inq/temp/warden) and she decided she didn’t want to heal anymore right away. She said that she would rather have a more melee oriented dpser, so I suggested a bruiser. Originally I was going to play my defiler with her, just mentoring down until she caught up. But she was worried her tanking skills might be sub-par, so I decided to roll a bruiser as well. I let her pick the race, and of course she went with arasai, so I got stuck rolling a god damn fairy, but it’s all good. He’s one fairy that could kick your ass! We played for a short while, as she had to get up early today, so we only got our toons to level 6. But she seems much more interested in it now that she has her own account and all, so I think we’ll be on more often than we had in the past.

Now I have to split my time up a lot. Thalinos (my main) is the only one capable of raiding, so I do that with him (though I missed both raids this weekend with my guild). Voudu (defiler) is pretty much in limbo right now, because soloing with healers sucks. Izlain (Brigand) was a blast to play and I was planning on getting him to 70 next, but I won’t get as much time to do so anymore. Destroi/Ghoulina are my dual box duo, and I’m having a lot of fun playing them… I would like to get them up a bit so I can farm with them. And finally, Dahnzig (Bruiser) will be duoing exclusively with Gina’s toon (LadyMarilyn), never alone. As you can see I have my plate pretty full. But it’s all enjoyable, so I don’t care. More as I progress.

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  1. You may want to check out Multiplicity available at Stardock.com. It’s a great utility for dual boxing, which means that you don’t have to switch between keyboards and mics when you move your focus from one character to another. Using it, I’ve been able to level a fury/warlock combo about 25% faster than they’d have levelled solo.
    Sorry if this sounds like an ad – but I love this software.


  2. Howdy, I couldn’t live without boxing, it’s so awesome to be able to be fully self-sufficient. I do a Berserker/Templar combo and I can go pretty much anywhere in the game.

    Anyhow, have fun!!!!!!!!


  3. I 3 box (zerk, warden/inq, conj, all 70 now) and 4 boxed in eq1. It is great when groups not available. And can do most content that a regular group does. I have found using the G15 keyboard with the 18 hotkeys makes it almost trivial. Specially if you set each char with the same type of layout., I.E. bottom 6 keys being main use, middle keys, secondary often used, and top for specialties. Lower left key is main heal on healers, taunt on tank and DD on conj, etc. They now have a less expensive G15 without the LCD display also. Never found a need for over 8 or 9 hotbars either, warden needing the most.


  4. Zaab, that sounds like a useful tool, but atm I’m working out ok with the setup I’m using. I think I may need something with that extra help once I hit higher levels and things begin to become more complex. Alex, I’m beginning to feel the same way. It’s amazing the things you can that couldn’t be done solo. And I only depend on ME. Spyte, I’ve heard of the program, but there’s a limited version for $30, and a full version for $40 or $50, and I don’t really want to spend that kind of money atm. Maybe one day, but not now. But thanks for the tip anyhow.


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