Weekends are back, baby.

So I had to work 6 days in a row this past week. I’m normally off Fridays and Saturdays but because we had a concert at the casino last night, I had to work. They gave me Saturday/Sunday off instead, and I also put in for a vacation day on Monday a few months back, so I get a 3 day weekend. It’s nice.

Last night we had the KISS concert, and boy was it busy. I was running around like crazy, but I don’t really have much to share other than that. It was standard faire as far as concerts go there, and I’m so over it. I can’t wait to be a supervisor.

Today is my Saturday (a saturday on saturday? who’da thought?), and it’s been busy thus far. Gina and I got up at about noon (I believe she was up earlier, but that’s when she woke me up), and took a shower and got all ready to go. We decided that we were going to Aaron’s today, to pick out a second computer and a new living room set. We pretty much had our minds made up already on what we were going to get, as we made our last payment on our bed and recliner a couple weeks ago, and had done some browsing. We ended up getting a living room set complete with couch/love-seat, glass top coffee table and end tables, and two brushed steel lamps. It’s a really nice looking setup, and much better than the current cheap ass tables and futon we have now. And, we also got a new computer.

The computer is another Dell, though this one will be on payments unlike my computer that was paid for when I got it. But, you gotta do what you gotta do. It’s a duo core 2. something Ghz, with 2 GB RAM and a Nvidia GeForce 7300. These are the most important parts of the computer, as it’s meant to run EQ2, and that’s all I really cared about. After picking these items out, we had to get our agreement written out, and for all that, we have to pay $243/mo. for two years. The total for everything is around $5,000 after it’s all said and done, but hey, I have a second computer and a living room that looks nicer than yours. Maybe.

They let us bring the computer home tonight, but we have to wait til wednesday for the furniture to be delivered. Once that comes, we’ll be set. We don’t have to make another payment until september either, so that’s nice. After we left the store, I realized there were more things we would need to purchase today, since we had the computer in our possession. We headed over to Radio Shack, and I purchases a wireless router for $40, but it wasn’t an all-inclusive deal. I will be able to use it for wireless applications in the future, but I didn’t want spend another $60 for two wireless adapters for my nic cards, thusly I spent $7 on another ethernet cable, and I’ll use wires for now. I also wanted to get Gina a copy of EQ2 right away, but unfortunately I couldn’t order it off of the Station Store, so we headed out to Temecula and picked up a copy of the All-in-one EOF box at Best Buy.

In our travels we also picked up a couple new cds, the newest from Red Hot Chilli Peppers, “Stadium Arcadium”, and a cd from a band called “30 Seconds to Mars” that Gina likes. The Peppers didn’t fail to impress, and the latter band is ok. Not really my style, but more bearable than some of the stuff she likes. We mostly have the same taste in music, but there are branches here and there that we can’t meet on.

After getting home, I set to work on getting the network setup, and that was cake. Currently I’m getting her computer squared away (the only reason I’m writing this is because I hit up windows update and there was quite a bit of stuff to download, so I got a break). After getting all the necessary things downloaded, I’ll install EQ2 and get her account set up. I don’t think we’ll be playing tonight, but tomorrow it’s on. She’ll have to start over and I’m going to get her going in Neriak, since I’m biased and all. I’m also very interest in trying out dual-boxing, but I’m not particularly sure what duo combination I’ll use. I know it will be a learning experience, nonetheless.

Tonight we’re doing the “Ghost Hunting” that I spoke of a few posts back. I picked up some new rechargeable batteries for the digital camera just for the occasion. I will definitely be back to share my experience with you, most likely tomorrow afternoon. Stay tuned.