GU# 37, and a short history

On the EQ2 players site, they posted the game update #37 preview today. Reading through it, it seems to be one of the less useful/interesting game updates (unlike last months achievement changes), but I will go over my thoughts anyhow.

Merchant Buyback: This feature is one that will save a lot of people some heartache. I can’t count how many times I sold something that I didn’t mean to. Granted, most of the time it was things that I was just going to throw on my broker, there was the ocassional nice piece of gear that went bye bye. My only qualm is that SOE seems to always throw in a catch with the features they implement, mostly ways to lighten your coin purse. Their schemes to level out the game’s economy (this, transmuting, etc.) are a bit of a piss off, but it will be nice to get that piece of legendary gear you can’t use (but your broker could) back if you accidently hit the sell button.

Broker Convenience: I was under the impression that all of your characters in the game could sell on the broker at the same time, as of like GU #20 or somewhere in there, but the update states that it’s just now being implemented. This is a fluff feature in most aspects, although I do like the fact that now all items on all toons will be displayed as long as only one toon is logged in once per week. That’s nice, because if you have Alt-itus like I do, when you don’t play your main for a month or so, his broker items will still be displayed.

Quest Item Information: This is another fluff feature, although I like it. Having quest items flagged as such makes it apparent that you shouldn’t destroy them. Much like I did when working on the Claymore line in SoS, with the “Disk of Bylze”. It was such a pain to try and hunt down someone with the disk to summon the ghost for quest updates. Would have been easier if I did all the SoS quests pertaining to the ghost at one time, but as of right now I’m still working on the line in SoS. Still, a nice feature for those items that appear in your bags and after a break from the game are unidentifiable.

Emerald Halls Persistance: I have never had the pleasure of raiding in the Emerald Halls. My guild is mostly doing KOS raids, though we have branched out into some of the EOF zones. I think the idea of making raid zones “continuable” is a really cool feature, as sometimes you just aren’t going to finish because people are crashing out or you don’t have the proper raid makeup. Now you can pick up where you left off within 10 days, so a really hard raid can be done in two weekends instead of one day. Good stuff.

 Achievement Respecs: This feature is null and void for 70s with 100 AP. My Paladin is sitting at 99.3 or so, so it’s pretty much useless for me. But it is a great thing for lowbie alts, and I have a few of those. Basically now you can respec your achievement points and swap between the KOS and EOF tress, so when you decide that your STR/WIS build would actually work better as STR and <insert EOF end ability here>, you can do that. I can see this working if you have an end ability in your KOS tree and want to trade it out for a EOF end ability. But again, useless for high end toons.

That’s all for the preview. It’s more fluff than useful, but it’s something nonetheless.

I figure about here is where I can throw out a little of my EQ2 history, for those of you who don’t know. I was introduced to the game by my Dad who still plays, after I had jumped ship from EQ1. I started up on the Butcherblock server where he played, and rolled a Kerra SK. I played this toon to 33 or so, and even got my roommate to start playing, who rolled an Erudite Wizard. My Dad rolled a Fury, and we trioed/grouped quite often. Eventually my roommate rolled an Assassin on the PvP server Nagafen, and got into a guild called “The Rat Pack”, populated by, you guessed it, Ratongas. I found this quite comical, and I wanted to try out PvP as well, so I made the jump to Naggy and rolled a Ratonga Defiler. I played him into the 30s and did alright at PvP, but decided I wanted to play a scout class, and rolled a Kerra Dirge. I did much better in PvP with the Dirge, but I started to get bored as my roommate (and duo partner) took a long hiatus, and my guild started dwindling. I wanted to start playing with my Dad again, so I hopped back onto Butcherblock, rolling a few different toons, until I decided on my Paladin (still my main). I kept my PvP toons, and went back to them on occasion, but I ended up forming a guild with my Dad, my roommate and some other online friends, and as soon as the “Loreseekers of Norrath” was formed, I deleted my PvP toons and went full time PvE. I spent a few months finally getting to 70, and then at times when I would get bored and roll an alt. I have had countless alts, most all have been deleted, but at the moment I have 3.

My Paladin (Thalinos) resides in Qeynos, and though I’m more partial to evil characters, I’ve stuck it out with him. With the release of EOF I made a Fae, but I couldn’t stand playing a fairy, so I deleted him. With the release of Neriak, I tried an Arasai, but still couldn’t stand playing a fairy, though I did like the city and Darklight Wood. Thusly, my alts all reside in the evil city, and I have enjoyed the experience throughly. Currently I have a 27 Troll Defiler (Voudu), a 19 Ratonga Brigand (Izlain), and a 18 Ratonga Warlock (Rizzoin). I’ve found that DLW provides an exceptional amount of AA, and so many quests that are easy to burn through, that it’s been an optimal place for leveling alts. I do plan to roll a Sarnak when ROK comes out, but til then I’m content.

More to come. Stay tuned.