Life Goes On

Well I guess I have been busy. I’ve been hanging out with people, and social interaction is good. I haven’t been playing much EQ, and that’s something that’s strange seeing as how over the last year I had been playing it pretty consistently. The group of people I play with are still there, but I haven’t been. I talked to my Dad and he said that he’s been getting burnt out on the game as well. I would go as far as to say I’m burnt out, but that I just have been occupying my time with other things. When I do play I log on for a little, and then I’m off. I have however been playing a lot of Call of Duty 2, online with my buddy John, or by myself. Half the time we play together online, or I go to his house and we play side by side (he has two computers). I’ve been hanging out with him quite often, so has Gina. I’d say I hang out with him more often than anyone else at this point in time. Straying from EQ has been a pretty good experience in some ways. First, I have been hanging out with friends more often. Second, I’ve been playing other games, and I’m actually becoming interested in some other single player games that I have missed out on. Third, I’ve been doing other things that I haven’t for a long while. Like watching movies, going out to the movies, getting tattooed, going to the bar. Things that are all still time killers, but I’m getting a much better variety in my day now.

Speaking of movies, I went with Ted to see 300 a couple weeks ago, and it was an awesome movie. We just went and saw TMNT today, taking Gina, the kids, and his nephew with us. It was pretty good too. Still geared a little more towards kids than I would have liked, but still a good flick. I also watched a few others at home, the last 3 episodes of Star Wars, and The Transporter 2 (which I checked out last night). The latter was a little cheesy, reminding me of old Jackie Chan films. But hey, at least I’m doing something aside from being on the computer all night.

Me and Gina had been trying to decide whether we should get our car refinanced or just trade it in for something else. We had pretty much decided on the latter option, mainly because she wanted to get a Charger as our second vehicle, and she has a friend that owns the Dodge dealership here in town, promising good deals. Another friend of hers offered to co-sign for the car, so we figured the payments on that would be low. As a result, trading in the car we currently have for one that I really wanted would solve our one car problem quite nicely, in that we’d both have a vehicle we wanted. I had narrowed my options down to a truck, preferrably a Toyota Tacoma or a Nissan Frontier, but I wasn’t discounting the Dodge Dakota, because of the aforementioned friend. Also with the Nissan, I could get the family discount as my Mom works at a Ford/Nissan dealer. So yesterday we headed out with the intentions of getting some answers.

We started at the local auto mall, where I talked to a couple sales-people about getting a Frontier. They answered most of my questions, but it didn’t seem like anything good was going to happen there, and we could swear we were hearing some bullshit. It started pouring cats and dogs while we were there, and though I wanted to go talk to Gina’s friend at the Dodge dealer, I didn’t want to get soaked in the process. So we decided since it was still early, that we would go pay a visit to my Mom. When we arrived, I asked her to point me in the right direction, and she hooked me up with a Fleet Sales guy named Steve. He was completely honest with us, and tried to finaggle what he could, but it still ended up being a no-go. It’s not that we couldn’t get anything, it’s just that the Hyundai depreciated so much in just a year that we were too far upside down to do us any good. Even with the $3,000 off with the family plan, and a $1,000 rebate, my payments were going to be $520/mo. That’s more than I’m paying now (thought the vehicle in question would have been a nice upgrade). If I was to put $1,000 down towards said vehicle, my payments would still be $505. Steve did tell us that if my credit score was good enough he could most likely get my APR down lower from the 5.9% they initially offered, to around 3.9%, making my payments about the same as they are now (and less interest means I’m actually paying what the car is worth, not $10,000 more like on this damn hyundai with my 21% APR). We told Steve we would have to think about it, and we left.

At this point, we our pretty much agreed that trading the Sonata in would be a waste of time. So I am going to refinance it and hope I can get my payments down below $400/mo. Then she’s still going to use her friend as a co-signer, and get another vehicle. We just don’t know what that will be yet. Maybe the same vehicle we were looking at yesterday, or maybe the charger she wants. It’s really up in the air at the moment. Anyway, after leaving the dealership, we came home and I dropped her and the kids off, and then headed out to my Tattoo Artist’s house. Mike was already tattooing another guy, but that didn’t take too long, and we got down to business creating mine. I wanted to get two tombstones, one with my Great Grandmother’s name and dates on it, and the other with my Great Grandfather’s (both on different sides of the family). Then in the background, bats flying around. Some silhouettes, and some other things with bat wings. For instance, the t-shirt I was wearing had a picture of a devil head with flame hair and batwings. I got that, along with a skull with bat wings, and I’m planning on adding the tiger army tiger head with bat wings later on. And maybe some others, I don’t know yet. Anyway, I got the line work slung down on my grandma’s tombstone, along with a few bats. It came out pretty good I think. During the next session I’m going to get the other tombstone lined up, and get some color. I also need to hit up Gina’s ex to finish my cat tattoo from earlier this year. I have nothing but line work from my elbow down. But I have nearly two sleeves, and that was the goal.