Getting It Done

I feel a little more accomplished today. When I got out of bed it was pleasant outside, no rain. So after showering and all that, I set about doing some yard work. I hate the way something always looks like an easy job until you actually start doing it. It seemed like the task at hand would be quickly done, but it ended up taking me quite a bit of time. I trimmed some bushes, picked some weeds, and cleaned up the front yard in general. Unfortunately there are a bunch of weeds growing along each side of the house, and I didn’t discover those until I was already calling it a night. So I have another trip into yardwork land ahead of me. Still, I got something done.

The benefits coordinator called me back while in the middle of my conquest, and I found out some good news. Turns out that my insurance cards never expire, provided I have continuing coverage. Since the casino provides our insurance, I have no worries there. I also found out that the reason I got raped on my perscriptions was because I’m supposed to use my medical insurance information for all perscriptions, medical or dental. So I took that information with me to Rite-aid, and let them know the deal. They took down my info and said they’d get back to me (it sounded like I’ll be getting some money back). Nothing as of yet.

Another shitty thing came up today though. When Gina went to get Lily from school, she attempted to open the garage door, and it opened part way, then stopped. She messed with it a bit, and I went out to figure out what the hell was going on. I don’t know exactly what the problem is, but it won’t open fully, so we had to park the car out in front of the house. I called Best Choice to let them know and they said they would “put a work order in” for it. I have to call them in the morning to verify that that happens. With any luck they’ll send someone out tomorrow so I can park the car in the garage. What the hell is the point of having one if you can’t park in it?

After all of that shit, I did some dishes and made some dinner for everyone. I feel at this point that I’ve put in a full day’s work, and for the remainder of the evening I’m doing my own thing. Gina is napping at the moment and the kids are entertaining themselves, so I think I’ll log onto EQ. A new Game Update went live today, and they made some changes that I would like to check out, along with adding a new zone that sounds like fun. So with that, I’m done here. But I did what I said, I’m writing more often. Hopefully I can keep this momentum up.