I set out with a lot of things to do today. Unfortunately, much like every other time I set out with a plan, the plan gets changed. I left my house just before noon with the intentions of going to Soboba to figure out some issues with my insurance (more on that later), deposit my check, pay the rent, and then pick up some tools at Home Depot, along with some charcoal from the store. After running around, I was going to come home and do some yard work, and then barbeque some burgers for dinner. As far as the insurance thing goes, I was trying to talk to my benefits coordinator so I could change my address with my insurance carriers, and also get some new insurance cards, as the ones I have are from 2005. There was a problem when I was picking up my perscriptions as well, where they said I was supposed to get a seperate insurance card for perscriptions, which I’ve never heard of before. Also I got a letter in the mail from my carrier, stating that the dentist visit co-pay should have only been $15, and I paid $45. So I was going to try to get it all straightened out, and then go to the dentist and demand my money back, and go to rite-aid for a partial refund as well. But seeing as how this should all be fair, and I am deserving, it didn’t happen. This I should be fully prepared for, and totally expecting as it happens all the time. Anywho, I went to Soboba and the benefits coordinator was out to lunch, so I left my name and number and she’s supposed to call me back. Nothing as of yet.

After leaving the casino, I headed to the bank and deposited my check and also paid the rent. I went to Home Depot and bought a pair of gloves and some shears for the bushes we have outside that were already overgrown when we moved in. But of course, it has been raining all day, so I can’t take care of that either. I was also going to barbeque, but that’s hard to do in the rain, so that went out the window as well. So I’ve accomplished mostly nothing. I did come home and take out the trash and do some dishes, so I feel somewhat accomplished. With any luck, tomorrow it won’t be raining, and I can take care of the yard. I wanted to have that shit done last week, but the tooth problems came up. So hopefully tomorrow my projects will be finished.

I finished reading the first of my books from the sci-fi book club. It ended a bit abruptly, but I still enjoyed it thoroughly. I found my place in the Dark Tower V, and have been reading that since. I figure I’ll finish that series before moving on to something else. That should take me through another couple months, even though I try to read a little every day. All of this reading has inspired me to write more, though I haven’t really begun. I have tons of ideas floating around in my head, but I have yet to put much down on paper. I did make out a little story outline the other day, but that’s one I’m putting on the backburner. The story I started (and posted part of) a while back is one that I would like to see come into frutition, along with a couple other ideas I have. I’m really interested in writing a horror novel, mostly centered around zombies, but I’m trying to find a creative angle that hasn’t been tackled before. I’ve read a couple books concerning zombies, and I own most of the good ones on DVD, so I figure I know mostly what’s out there. Finding the edge is my biggest challenge. I think if I’m going to write, I don’t want to corner myself into a niche, and doing fantasy would kind of do that. I originally wanted to be an author of that genre, but I’m leaning more towards King or Koontz classification. I like suspense/horror novels, as they keep you on the edge of your seat moreso than most fantasy books. Tolkien was good but bored me. Brooks has done some good work, but it’s the same tried and true format. I did get a new series from him with my order, so I may take a liking to it, but otherwise it’s more of the same. Salvatore is a page turner, but I don’t want to fall under such a small category. Not to say that fantasy novels are some sort of fad, as they have been around for a long time and many authors have taken on the subject, working with already created worlds, or making their own. But I would rather go the route of King, as he has been able to write many different types of fiction, and that appeals to me. Leaves my creativity to it’s own devices.

For now I’m letting things stew. I’m going to get down to the business of writing as soon as I find that edge I’m looking for. I feel it’s close. Just need some motivation. Otherwise things are as they always are. I finally hit level 70 (maximum level at this time) on eq, and that’s exciting, but that doesn’t mean the game is over, by far. So I’m still occupied by that. I don’t think I’ll be playing much of anything until I get burned out on the game, and that hasn’t happened in a year, and today marks a year. So I think I’m going to go do that now. Toodles.