The teeth don’t make you wiser

So February has been a wierd month. A lot of shit has happened, but I’m not going into excruciating detail. We got our tax returns, and they’re mostly gone. Mine came and went, and Gina’s was less than expected. We paid off the credit cards, which is nice, but had to make some other arrangements for some of our other debts. Needless to say, we aren’t debt free, and that sucks. Didn’t work out the way I planned. I got my books from the SciFi Book club, and I’ve been reading Stephen King’s “Cell”, which is an awesome book, especially if you’re a fan of zombie stories, which I am. It’s not exactly about zombies, but it has similarities from some of the movies I’ve seen. There’s some possible openings coming up at work, and I’m crossing my fingers for a promotion. I can’t go into detail, but if it all goes the way I hope, I may be a supervisor before the year is over. I started smoking again. I made it a whole 6 days without, but then we went to the bar for a buddy’s last day at work, and have a couple beers made me want to smoke. So I did. I did however downgrade to lights, so I think that might help the next time around. Otherwise, shit is pretty much the same as it’s always been. I’ve been playing EQ, reading, and working. That’s pretty much what my life consists of.

Speaking of EQ, we obviously couldn’t get a second computer for Gina to use, but we have a couple of options. Ted had a relative pass away, and he acquired a lot of computers/parts. He donated a whole system to my cause, though it’s pretty old and would need some upgrades to run EQ. Like a video card and some RAM. I don’t have the money for that now, but I might in the future. I also have thought of ordering/financing a Dell, but when I tried to get financed a while back, I got declined. Hopefully now after paying off some debt I might have another chance. I just have to decide which route is best. I’m getting a second computer soon though, that you can count on.

So a couple years back, I fucked my arm up. After my trip to the ER, I was given medication, an anti-biotic and some vicadin for pain. Around the same time, one of my wisdom teeth decided to try and show it’s ugly head. I had some mild pain, but the vicadin I was on made it all go away. The tooth only pierced the gum, but never did come out all of the way. So I ended up ignoring it for almost two years. At that point, the one above it had come out all the way, but neither on the other side had showed. Most of my friends had theirs removed by the time they were 18, so figuring I would be ok, I never worried about it. Well 2 days ago, that familiar pain crept back into my mouth. It was a minor irritation while I was at work, and when I came home it started to get worse. So I popped some aspirin and that helped. I went to bed that night and didn’t think anything of it, save for that it was going to finally come in all the way. When I woke the next day, the pain was back, but aspirin kept it in check once again. I was on pain killers all day, and didn’t really have a problem. But last night, I took some before bed, and it stopped working. I ended up lying awake most of the night, tossing and turning in pain. I dealt with it until about 9:30 this morning, when I had Gina call the detist for me. They scheduled me for an appointment right away, for 10:30. We went and I filled out the necessary forms and waited in the lobby for quite some time. Finally they called my name and I was sat in a room, where a nurse took x-rays of my mouth and asked me some questions. After another short wait, the dentist came in and greeted me, and set to work. She said that my tooth is coming in straight, but hasn’t emerged completely, and that I must not have been reaching it properly while brushing, causing a plaque build up and a possible infection. She said that though I have the room, I should have it removed because it’s going to end up causing more problems in the end, there simply wasn’t enough room for it. She then said she was going to attempt to clean around the tooth to buy me some time, and lessen the pain. That was an out and out lie, it hurt like hell while she was scraping around my gums and whatnot. It did actually help afterwards, but I wasn’t better until after I got my meds. My visit was over after this, she gave me an Rx and I was on my way.

There were some other issues with my perscription, something about not having the proper insurance card (I think the lady was just and idiot) but I ended up getting my Rx just the same. It just cost a lot more. I have to speak with the benefits manager at work once she gets back from vacation on Monday. The dentist gave me an anti-biotic to prevent infection, and codine and motrin for pain. The cocktail has been working well so far. The dentist’s office left me a voicemail letting me know that I have a referral to a surgeon here in town for the extraction of the tooth, so I have to call him to set up an appointment. I haven’t had a tooth removed since I was a kid, but I remember it sucked. I just hope that I’ll be able to talk, otherwise I’m going to have to miss some more work. The dentist said that was a possibility, but if I have a note I should be ok. Anyway, so that’s what I’m dealing with now. Another hurdle in the marathon of life. Isn’t it a blast?