It’s a sick world

Why do I say it’s a sick world? Well that’s quite simple. This is a world where someone can get sued for child support, when they see their children for 4 days out of every week. This is a world where someone who did not birth a child can collect welfare on that child, and no one asks any questions. This is a world where your hard earned tax dollars go towards disgusting individuals who care nothing for anyone but themselves. You pay for welfare, whether you recognize that or not. And worthless wastes of space that you may call human beings reap the benefits. Then people like me who are already paying for welfare, end up having to pay someone who has no children, even more money as a form of child support. Why? Because the state deems the children to be “worth it”, and its someone like me who has to pay through the nose, when the birth parent isn’t cutting the cheese. In short, people who aren’t related to the children can get welfare for those children, and lie through the teeth to get it, and the government honors their word as a fat kid honors a cheeseburger shortly before devouring it. Then the person on the opposite end of the coin gets sued for child support, has their checks garnished, and even though they see the children weekly, and spend plenty of money on them, they are believed to be a “deadbeat”, and are forced to pay even more. I feel as if I support these children on both ends of the fence; on this side by taking care of them and supporting them, on that side by paying my taxes. It’s a sick world indeed.

This doesn’t just affect me, of course it affects their mother. She’s the one who has to deal with the legal action, I just have to pay. Not only that, but it’s caused a huge delay on her tax return, and that hits me in the pocket just the same. Things are going to change though, and things will be good again. Maybe not between us and unnamed parties, but things will be set right again. Regardless, I’m left with a knot of anger in my stomach, along with a twinge of nausea; people like that make me sick.

Can anyone tell me when the concept of “you have to earn your keep” failed? When did people stop depending on themselves, and start depending solely on the government to take care of them. Why does our government contribute to this mentality? Why should I, a hard working tax payer, see my tax dollars go to pieces of shit like that? Why the fuck can’t they get a job like the rest of the world, and stop falling back on their kids to make their way through life? Stop doing drugs. Stop being “helpless”. Buy a fucking newspaper, look for a job, apply yourself, and fucking work. Get a good job with benefits, get off of medicaid. Get off of welfare. You’ll be suprised how good it feels to pay your own bills, and earn your keep. You can also rest easy knowing you’re not fucking someone else over. Assholes.

I took Gina out for her birthday. She wanted a pair of levi’s, and I didn’t want to fuck up on size/style, so I just took her to pick them out and try them on herself. After she found a pair she liked, we went out to dinner in Temecula, and she picked T.G.I.Friday’s. We ate, and then we were going to go to see “Smokin’ Aces” at the theater there, but decided to go back into town instead. We went to my Mom’s house and she got her gifts there, and then we went to Walmart and bought some movies instead of going to the theater. We ended up picking up The Forgotten, Crash, and Brick. We watched the first that night. We watched the second last night, and I must say, that was a mind-fuck of a movie, but very good nonetheless. The latter I had seen previously, and it was only $10 so I had to have it.

I’m still waiting on my tax return. My California return was deposited in my account about a week after I filed. I’m hoping my Federal return will be deposited this Friday. I could really use the money to make ends meet. Whenever my lady’s tax return is deposited, we’ll be paying off mostly all of our debt. That will help. She’s starting her new job today, and that will help too, she’ll be making $1.75 more an hour. Less bills + More pay = a happy George. That’s all for me. See ya around.