Jason turned me on to what I think is one of the coolest internet projects in a long time. Pandora is an internet radio site, it’s free, and it’s customizeable. Not in the sense that you can choose a station similar to what you like a listen, or change skins or anything like that, but rather, you can really customize your station. You start by typing in a band that you like. This can be anything off of the top of your head. This site is part of “The Music Genome Project” which like the Human version, is trying to catalog nearly all music, from a wide range of sources. After typing in the band name, it searches the Genome database, and finds your band (so far I haven’t been able to stump it, even after trying the most underground bands I could think of). It will play a song off of one of the albums your band has made. At this point, try to really listen to the music, even though you know it by heart. Try to get a feel for the type of band it is, and what kind of music they play. Next, Pandora will pick a similar band, and even describe to you why they feel it’s a similar band, with a similar style of play. From what I’ve seen, they’ve been quite accurate. Anyhow, from here you can give a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” to the particular song, either adding it to your station, or removing it altogether, never to be played again. This narrows the selection down, giving you exactly what you want. To make things a little more complicated (but equally delicious), you can add more than one band to any given station, given Pandora a plethora of songs/bands to choose from in similiarities, and making for an optimized listening experience. Truely, a golden idea. See for yourself.

In other news, it’s going to be a busy couple of months. I’m planning a barbeque at my house similar to the one mentioned in my last post, but hopefully with more people attending for the 18th of this month. The following day, my sister turns 21, and we’re having dinner at my mom’s, followed by a few drinks at a bar for her first time. Then later this month on the 27th, a co-worker of mine is having a halloween party. I’m planning to attend. Then I’m trying to get a halloween party going at my house on the 31st, as I have the day off. If you’re interested in coming let me know. Next month I’m taking my vacation, and on the first couple days, I’m not doing anything. Then the next couple days after, Gina is getting off and we’re going to do something (haven’t decided what yet). After that, I’m going to my dad’s for a couple days (hopefully, still not confirmed). The following Tuesday is my birthday, and from what I can tell we’ll be going with my mom to the Olive Garden, which is a restaurant I have not yet been too, and something she was going to do for me years ago that never happened. Then I have one day left off, and it’s back to work. So yeah, I’ll be busy for a while.

This week I have a few things planned for the weekend. I have to finish up cleaning my yard, clean the house, do some grocery shopping, and buy a couple things. The new Senses Fail and I Am Ghost cds come out on that day, so I definitely need to pick those up. X-men 3 comes out that day too, but I think I might have to wait on that one… I don’t think I have that much money to blow. Otherwise, things are as usual. I’ll keep ya posted.