This weekend brought a lot to the table. Originally I had planned to work on developing a webpage for my tattoo artist, which was going to be a major undertaking. Aside from being a Tattoo Artist, he is also a skilled Wrought Iron worker, and makes all kinds of hand-crafted goodies. So we made a deal for me to make a page with a splash into, and seperate entrances to the opposing sites, in exchange for finishing my sleeve. All in all, I think it’s a pretty good deal, because it costs him a very small amount in supplies, and some time (probably 6-8 hours, maybe a little more). For me, it’s less time, and no cost, but saving him a couple hundred bucks that a web design service would charge. So far, I’ve spent about an hour on the whole thing. I made the opening page, and did research looking for images and whatnot, but it really can’t go any farther until I have a meeting with him, and pick up his portfolio and some original art work. Then I’ll have the fun task of scanning everything and setting it all up, but I think it will be pretty sharp when it’s all done. And I can’t wait to have a full sleeve. I’m close now, but it will much better when it’s done. And trade work is much better than spending a shitload of money on tattoos.

Anyway, I had planned to work on his page yesterday, and I was supposed to meet with him today, but he had other things to do. So the meeting was bumped to next week. But that’s ok, it gives me more time to scheme. What I did end up doing on tuesday didn’t take to long and just before my weekend came, another project came up. Aside from the first project, I also had a few errands to run (paying rent and that sort of shit), and then one day while playing EQ, my guild leader (on my secondary characters) asked me to look into making a guild page. So that took up a larger chunk of my day, as I had to research a good forum host, and then mess with all the options, etc. I ended up finishing that completely today, and I think it looks pretty sharp, though hardly anyone has gotten registered. You can see it here. Afterwards I played EQ for a time with Gina, and later she went out to the bar with a friend from work, so I played solo for a few more hours. I had to quit more abrubtly than I would have liked though, because the fucking cable went down for “upgrades”. Happens about once a month, and it really pisses me off because it always happens when I’m doing something important. I was in the middle of power-leveling my Paladin, but oh well. I went to bed shortly thereafter.

Another thing that happened yesterday, is I had a talk with Jason about motorcycles. It wasn’t too long or complex, but I basically asked him to give me a run-down of the basics of riding when he got a chance. I decided a few days ago that I think I’m going to buy a bike. I’ve thought about it for months, and its come to the point that I want to do it. There’s more to it than just buying one though. I have done some research, and Jason loaned me a book, and I have the necessary info to do it, I just need to go one step at a time. I found a few bikes that I liked, the Yamaha YZF-R6S, the Honda CBR600RR, the Triumph Daytona 675. But I ultimately decided to go the route Jason did. I’m going low-power, small-engine, and less cost. The Kawasaki Ninja 250 fits the bill. Priced at only $3,000, it’s a steal compared to the other bikes that have upwards of a $9,000 price tag. Kawasaki also has a price computer on their site, and even with only $500 down, at 21% interest, on a 24 month plan, the payments would only be $138/month. And Jason said when he had that bike his insurance was only $7/mo. That’s awesome, plus it gets upwards of 74 mpg. And that’s the major reason I want to get a bike. Initially, after buying my new car, I wanted to park the Honda for a while, save some cash, and fix it back up. Now I’m thinking it’s a more viable option to sell the Honda (thinking of asking about $1,000 for it, as is), take the money I get from that, put $500 down on a Ninja 250, and use what’s left to buy riding gear. The only other step I need to take is going to school. Jason went to a riding saftey school, and it’s about $175 for the class, but you get to destroy someone else’s bike while learning to ride. That way when I roll out of a bike store on a brand new piece of equipment, I don’t have to worry (as much) about fucking it up or killing myself.

Me and Jason talked more today, and we ran through some of the basics. I asked questions, and he explained things to the best of his ability. He also let me borrow a book called “Sport Riding Techniques”, and I plan to read it in it’s entirety. Hopefully between his knowledge, the book, and the school, I might be able to be riding a bike by the beginning of next year. Give or take. First step of course is to sell the Honda though, and that could take some time. But I’ve seen people buy worse. I’m going to start putting feelers out on that. Just need to call Howard, and I might have it sold sooner than later. That’s about it for now. I’ll keep ya posted.