The Glass House

Yesterday was the Coheed and Cambria concert at the Glass House in Pomona. I had never been there before, so I mapquested the location, and got directions. We were shooting for getting there a couple hours early, to just hang out until the show started, but ended up only getting there relatively early. We had a couple errands to run first, before leaving town, like going to the grocery store and getting a bite to eat. We left town at about 5:30, and arrived at about 6:30. The line to get in was around the block. Turns out, the place didn’t even open until 7, so the show started later than we expected. After waiting in line for what seemed like forever, we finally got inside, to find that they didn’t sell beer in the building. So we went across the street to a little pub to have a drink. After we finished, we headed back in and prepared for the show. The opening band, “Facing New York”, started at 8 p.m.

We got a spot near the center of the stage, though we were pretty far back. Facing New York was a pretty talented band, though their music was a bit slower than I’m accustomed to, and their mics sucked, so you could barely hear the guy over the music. The crowd remained pretty calm at this point as well. The band quickly finished their 30 minute set, and cleared the stage, making way for the main attraction. We were still in pretty much the same spot, and we began to get crowded as Coheed took the stage. This is when things got interesting.

I’ve found, through my various concert experiences, that there are several types of concert-goers. I will further analyze this theory by going into annoying detail about said “goers”.

“The Bobble Head”
Gina was standing in front of me, and we stood pretty close throughout the entirety of the concert. A short (about Gina’s height) fat girl was standing in front of Gina, and as the music played, her head was all over the place. I noticed that Gina started to get irritated by the fact, because she kept putting her head in front of Gina’s, and when she moved, Gina moved, and it made for a comical moment. At least, I laughed. Gina didn’t think it was so funny. The same girl had the bobble head effect for the entire time we stood next to her.

“The Diver”
There were a few “stage divers” present at the show. They were quickly thrown off the crowd over to security, and then left free to “dive” again. They’re pretty much a pain in the ass, because they can hurt you, but they stayed pretty far away from us, so I didn’t have to punch someone in the kidneys.

“The Jumper”
One of the most annoying types of “goers”, the jumper is that person that’s standing so close to you, you can smell their breath, their sweat, their odor, and yet they proceed to jump up and down and elbow, punch, bump, and land on you. They have no respect for others, and can ruin a show. A couple little punk ass kids nearly ruined the show for us, lucky for them they were under 18, otherwise some punches would have been thrown. I did manage to elbow one girl in the ribs, though I just put my elbow there and she landed on it. Gina got a little more into it, and pushed/elbowed one girl hard enough to get her to stop fucking around. Her boyfriend mentioned something about hitting Gina in the face, but never went through with it. That’s a good little bitch.

“The Mosher”
This guy is, I think, the most annoying of them all. “Moshing”, or “Slam Dancing”, is popular amongst teens and twenty-somethings, but mostly in the punk scene. When the music is fast, I will agree, you want to run around in circles and beat the crap out of someone. But at a Coheed and Cambria show, moshing shouldn’t be possible. The energy of the music is great, and I do like to rock out, but it’s not really moshing material. The “Mosher”, on the other hand, thinks that any music is mosh material, and will proceed to try and start mosh pits, no matter the concert. I have seen this work on multiple occasions, on the slowest of songs. During this concert, the mosher in question decided to try and start the pit right next to us. He pushed someone, ran into Gina, broke us up, and proceeded to push her around. I saw her try to fight back, but it didn’t seem to be working, so I pushed the motherfucker as hard as I could, and he went flying. Gina told me later she was surprised to see me doing something like that. I wasn’t about to let the bastard beat up on my woman. He must have gotten the hint after I pushed him, because he stopped fucking around. Had he taken it any further, blows would have landed. On his face.

“The avid fan”
This is the category I fall into. I do get into the music, I do enjoy it, and I know more about the bands I see than mostly everyone in the crowd. I know all of their songs, all of the lyrics, and I will sing along, and move with the music. But I don’t make the experience less enjoyable for others, and ruin the show. I don’t hurt anyone, I don’t fuck with anyone, I only defend myself from the ruthless onslaught of teenage hormones. I’m there for the music, and the merch. The experience of seeing a band that you love live, is like no other. If only I could do it without the crowd.

That’s about it for me. I was stupid and didn’t request today off (along with yesterday), so I have to go to work here shortly. Thankfully it’s friday, so I’ll have the next two days off. I’ll try and have another update, one of those days. Toodles.