The time has finally come! AFI has finally released a new album! I have yet to hear anything but the first single, “Miss Murder”, but I plan to pick it up later today. 3 years with no new AFI makes Jorge a dull boy! Anyway, I’m excited, and you should be too.

So my I’m back on another weekend, and so soon. I got my days off switched from Friday/Saturday to Tuesday/Wednesday. The main reason for this was because Gina has these days off, but there are other benefits as well. Jason has these same days off. Ted and Steve have Wednesday/Thursday off, so at least we can chill on Wednesdays or Tuesday nights after they get out of work. And the kids are here on these days, so we can go out and do more things with them, which is important at their age. Lastly, some of the guys I used to chill with have weekends off, so I have less chance of running into them at a bar or out in public on my new days off. That way I can avoid any further bullshit. Me and Gina have still be discussing moving out of this shithole town, but that has to wait until at least next February, when my lease on this house is up. We’ll see closer to time if we can afford to move or not. She wants to go up north, and I’m up for pretty much anything. I just know too many people out here, and if you get involved in any drama, everyone knows about it, or you run into someone else’s friends who want to start shit with you, etc. The small town disease is prevailant here, and I want to get away from it.

My last weekend was pretty good. As I mentioned last post, one of the Officers last day was Friday, so we had a little shindig for him here at my house. The only person to show up early was Harry, who arrived around 10:30. I hung out with him until Gina got off at 11, and then picked her up from work and waited for the others to show. Quite a few people showed up, at least all of the ones I wanted to, and a few others I never invited but some of the others did. So I had about 15 people here, and it was a pretty decent party. I got a little too fucked up a little too fast though, because I hadn’t eaten in a while, and I started drinking before anyone else, as they mostly showed up around 1 a.m. I passed out around 3:30, and everyone was gone by 4 something. Aside from passing out and missing out on a little of the party, it was a good time.

On Saturday I didn’t do much, aside from play EQ for most of the day. Gina had to work until 3 a.m., so after midnight I went over to Ted’s to hang out for a little while, and then I picked her up and came home. As I mentioned before though, I convinced her to make a character in the game, and I convinced Jason to let her use his computer to do so. Last night we finally played, and it was pretty fun. We’re still on the tutorial island, but she’s getting the hang of it quickly, and I think she’ll be a good partner later on when she gets good at it. I’m glad she was willing to give it a try, because now instead of her being in the other room watching TV while I play, she can play with me. Of course this is when Jason isn’t home, because then we play together, but still, it gives us something else to do.

The last couple of weeks have been pretty cool at work. They kicked the normal unit 1 drivers back inside the casino, and started letting some of the other officers drive the unit, and I have been one of them. I was only on the floor one day last week. One day I dispatched, and the other three I drove the unit, and it’s been a nice change of pace. I drove the unit again on Monday, and today I was on the floor. Today really sucked, because for some reason it was really slow, so there wasn’t much to do all day. I could have sworn it was a full moon too, because everyone was in a weird mood all day, but it wasn’t.

The next couple of days that I’m off I have a couple plans. Later today me and Gina are going to take the kids to the park, and hang out for a good portion of the day. Probably have a picnic again like we did last week. Then later on I’m going to get that AFI disc, and hang out with Gina in the evening, maybe play a little EQ. On Wednesday we’re going to try and get a babysitter so we can see the new Omen remake, and then I don’t know. I guess we’ll see. Later this month we’re taking the kids to Knotts Berry Farm, because Soboba paid for tickets for all employees. They also gave us coupons for free parking, so the only thing its going to cost me is food, and possibly souveniers. Which is a good thing, because as I found out at Magic Mountain last month, amusement parks aren’t as cheap as they used to be. Anyways, that’s about all I have for now. Peace out bitches